Some Jobs are Just 1 in a Hundred Million



I’ve had a lot of jobs in my career. Writer. Editor. Product Manager. Blogger. For the most part, they’ve involved me sitting at a desk and either writing or managing other people’s work.

As a kid, I worked as a paige in our local library for years. I spent summers doing odd jobs with my friends around the neighborhood. And yes, I even tried selling Kool-Aid from the side of the road.

I’m always fascinated, though, by so many of the more out-of-the-ordinary type jobs, or even ones that don’t involve sitting at a desk all day. Even something like a plumber or electrician sounds cool to me. And then things like truck drivers, animal conservationists or culinary scientists. There are just so many amazing jobs out there that most of us aren’t even aware of!

Heck, somebody’s got to paint those lines in the roads so we know where to drive. But we never stop to think about how that’s done. Or who drives the truck to paint those lines. Or even further, who puts together the machines that these guys use to paint the lines.

That’s why I’m absolutely loving this 1 in One Hundred Million video series from Kronos. What’s a Kronos? Yeah I didn’t know either until I discovered this campaign. One of the leaders in workforce management solutions, Kronos helps clients manage time and attendance records, HR and payrolling, hiring, labor analytics solutions and more. Basically, if it’s related to employees working, these guys can help.


So what is this 1 in one hundred million Web series? Pretty darn entertaining is what! This site created by Kronos is dedicated to sharing very personal stories of all kinds of different people around the country, spotlighting the all-too-often unrecognized jobs they do.

There are currently a dozen great videos to browse through, each just a few minutes long, but detailed enough to really give you a taste of what it’s like to be a Union Electrician. Or an ER trauma nurse. See what it’s like to be the guy (a former pitcher!) who helps create baseball bats. And of course, the guy who was more scared of public speaking than he was of actually wrestling alligators.


The latest episode in the 1 in one hundred million series shines the spotlight on Shannon NeSmith, a Truck Driver from Clermont, Florida. I’ve never given much thought to being a truck driver myself, other than thinking it has to be such an exhausting, boring job. And for someone like me, it could be. But I’m sure Shannon would think my days sitting at a desk writing articles for a magazine or website are pretty boring too.

Shannon’s quick to point out that being a truck driver isn’t for everyone. You either love it or hate it. Clearly she loves it and the freedom and flexibility her career offers her. I love her story about how she met her future truck driving husband on the road. And the coolest thing she’s ever hauled with her truck? Log flume boats for a popular amusement park. I can only imagine how cool that’d be to see on the highway!

As a kid, my dad taught me to always do the arm pump motion when you pass a truck in the hopes that the truck driver will see and blast his horn. Shannon even comments that she did that as a kid too, and of course continues the tradition on today as the truck driver doing the tooting.

Sure I may never be a truck driver, but now whenever I pass one on the road, I’ll think a bit more about the fact that they’re not out on a road trip. They’re doing their job. The highway is their office. Their truck being their desk. And that’s just 1 single job out of one hundred million out there.

I can’t wait to see the 13th video in Kronos’ series, and heck, maybe I’ll make an appearance one day. After all, being a daddy blogger isn’t as easy as it seems.

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  1. I have had several jobs but none of them were anything really interesting. I guess anything is possible when it comes to opportunities for employment


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