Spring Blog Round-Up: $500 March Cash Giveaway (Ends 3/31)

$500 Spring Giveaway

I’ve known Kyle from Rather Be Shopping for years. In the world of coupon codes, he’s one of the good guys. While he and I were coupon competitors, we’ve always been pretty friendly with each other. It’s a tough shark-filled pool out there on the Internet, so you’ve gotta help each other out when you can!

Last week, Kyle asked if I’d like to take part in a big group blog project themed around “Your Best Money Saving Tip for Spring.” There’s over 25 blogs participating, as we all share our own personal tips for saving money this spring.

The biggest tip I can offer right off the bat is to enter the mega $500 March Cash Giveaway put together by RatherBeShopping.com! Details at the end of this post on that one, but don’t jump ahead just yet. I’ve put together a list of ways you and your family can enjoy the Spring without breaking the bank!

Saving Money on Spring Activities

With spring just around the corner, the warm weather’s sure to follow. Although here in NY it’s been a rather wacky winter weather-wise. Last Friday we probably got over 10 inches of snow, while now it’s currently sunny and over 50 degrees out.

Warm weather means you and the kids can finally get up off the couch, vacuum up the cheetos, and get your butts outside! There are plenty of great activities to do outdoors, many of them inexpensive or that magical four-letter word: free. Here’s some suggestions to get you going!

Back to Nature – Hit the hiking trails! Find a local park and head out on a fun nature walk or hike. Even if there’s snow on the ground, it should be warm enough out to follow the blazes and wind your way through the woods. Unless your area charges for parking, this is one way to get back in touch with nature without spending a dime!

Be Crafty – Craft fairs are a ton of fun, even if you don’t end up buying anything. Walk around and go shopping the old fashioned way. Window shopping is a blast, especially when you’re looking at all sorts of unique items. If you’re artistically talented yourself, consider getting a table to sell your own crafts!

Garage Sales – As the weather heats up, so do all the neighborhood yard and tag sales. You can save some mega bucks by hitting up local garage sales. Yes, it’s used merchandise, but unlike buying on eBay, you can actually inspect the goods first hand. Plus, you don’t have to pay for shipping!

Join a Charity Walk – Tons of charities are always getting together and raising money via all sorts of walk-a-thons. They’re a great way to spend some time with your family, while raising money for a good cause!

Start a Garden Co-Op – Growing your own vegetables is certainly a fantastic way to save money (and eat healthier!). But you’re usually stuck with dozens of extra cucumbers and hundreds of tomatoes in the end. So team up with a neighbor or two. It’ll save you money on the initial expense, and you can all share in the workload!

How do you plan on saving money this spring?



Win $500 Cash

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The giveaway, generously run by Kyle from Rather-Be-Shopping, runs through March 31, 2013. Give Kyle some props and be sure to visit www.Rather-Be-Shopping.com to show him some discount loving!

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96 thoughts on “Spring Blog Round-Up: $500 March Cash Giveaway (Ends 3/31)”

  1. It’s actually an incredible and also handy piece of info. I will be pleased that you simply contributed this helpful facts with us. You need to remain you up to date like this. Thanks for spreading.

  2. I am unemployed ,left my 10 year marriage that was painful. So this win would help in every way you can think.
    My confidence is in the toilet and not feeling really like a success at the moment.
    I hope I win ,good luck to all of you

  3. I am starting college next year, so I would be a very proud student if I get $500 to spend on school supplies, & one laptop, there is a $200 laptop i would like to buy and i will spend the rest on school supplies. I want to spend this mney wisley and maturley

  4. I My husband is in dire need of some dental repair and this would come in handy as Medicare
    does not cover any dental. Which they should.

  5. I could Really use this Money to Buy”FOOD”as I hardly have any…Thanks To Student Assisstence Program….They went into My Account”2months”in a row,With Out even telling or Asking Me/…..This account went way back to”1991″,inwhich I Forgot all about,as since Then…I Lost My Husband to Cancer and then lost My One and Only Son..I( don’t think I have to say anymore)My Mind is Not the same as it was…..They Messed me up so Bad,I had Checks Bounce,I could Not get any Food…..I know there is probably someone out there in more need,But this would also help in getting the rest of my Medications……Thank-You Good Luck to Everybody!!

  6. My daughter is 6 months pregnant and a single parent and just got laid off work so I could really use this to help her out because I am on a limited budget

  7. I’d put it towards our home renovation project and probably use it to upgrade cabinetry hardware or some finish.

  8. Would love to put the wifes gas sensible car back on the road, we love driving the Mustang GT but gas is MASSIVE expense.

  9. I’d probably use some of it for a really fun date-day/night with my husband and the rest would just be absorbed into the family spending…

  10. well…thats not an easy answer….realistically, I’d have to put it towards rent….ideally, I’d love to take a weekend getaway with my husband to make up for the past few real difficult months.

  11. If I were to win the $500 giveaway from Kyle at “I’d Rather Be Shopping”, I would use it toward a summer vacation for my children and I. Without going into detail, we have all had a very tough past couple of years. My children have had to go without a lot but they have been wonderfully understanding. They are very humble. extremely giving and always appreciative. Although I have bills upon bills, I would still plan this vacation because I feel that time spent together as a family is so important and extremely rewarding.

  12. I’d like to surprise my mother with gifts, spa vouchers, and maybe a haircut if there’s still something left. she’s been there for the whole time when I hit rock bottom last year. I lost a baby at 3 weeks of his life and I’ve been hiding under the rock of depression, I refused to get out of bed, literally. She encourage me, took care of my 4 year old daughter, and fed us both. if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be able to claim my life back and my daughter would be stranded. I just want to thank her.

  13. I would love to find a cheap pc to replace this old dinosaur to maximize my ability to teach my home school kids, I would love to pay down a few bills, I would go to thrift and stock up on some things my family needs, I would stock up on household goods and things that are usually really hard to buy. I would save some for gas and pay for some much needed school books

  14. Great tips buddy, thanks for playing along. Love the tips, especially hitting the trails. It is amazing how many free outdoor activities are available in most neck of the woods. My kids and I recently got into geo-caching. With the help of a smartphone app our hikes now turn into some pretty cool treasure hunts!


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