Stylish and Safe Window Treatments for Your Child’s Bedroom

Child Safe Blinds

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The windows in your child’s room play an important role in the comfort and attractiveness of the space. While your child’s own personal preferences should be taken into account, the primary concern of any parent is creating a safe environment for their children to play and thrive. If you’re looking for safe, kid-friendly window treatment options for your child’s bedroom, look no further. We’ve compiled a guide to window treatments that are practical, attractive and above all, safe for your growing child. You’ll also find helpful tips on making any type of window treatment safer for your child’s room.

Shutters – Safe and Simple

When you have children, window coverings need to be simple. Full height shutters are an excellent choice for any family with children, especially small ones. They’re made of several different beautiful materials, but most are made of wood. They provide an architectural element to rooms that cannot be achieved with other types of window coverings, because they allow you to show off the window as well as the window moldings. If you live in a home with gorgeous woodwork around the windows, shutters are the ideal solution for preserving the look and richness that the woodwork provides.

The most important feature that full height shutters offer is safety. There are no strings or long fabrics for young children to pull on or be tangled in and no loose hardware to present choking hazards. The bottom shutters can stay closed for privacy while the top shutters are open to allow more natural light into the room.

Roller Blinds – Practical and Pretty

Few window treatments are as practical and pretty as roller blinds. They’re easy to use, kid-friendly and affordable. They’re not the basic window coverings that they once were – just looking at the pics on Hillarys Blinds will tell you that. Now available in all sorts of patterns and colors, roller blinds add texture and visual appeal to a room. Pull the shades down in the evening for privacy and reduced light for bedtime, and let them up in the morning to let the light in. There are no cords to fuss over, no hardware for little fingers to grab. Roller blinds are appropriate in any child’s room, from infants to teens.

Roman Blinds – Neat and Clean

Like shutters, Roman blinds are excellent window treatments when you want to display woodwork or a pretty window while still providing some privacy for your child’s bedroom. They’re a practical option for windows that aren’t very attractive, too, as purchasing larger or oversized blinds can help you hide old, outdated moldings. No matter if they’re open or closed, Roman blinds always look tidy.

Create privacy and warmth by choosing lined Roman blinds. They reduce airflow around the windows, keeping your child warmer during the cold months and cooler during the summer months. They also block out light in the evening and early morning hours better than unlined blinds do.

Though Roman blinds do have a cord, it’s easy to make these window coverings kid-friendly. Place a latch out of the child’s reach. Whenever the blinds are open, wrap the cord around the latch.

Roman blinds come in many different fabrics, patterns and colors. In fact, these blinds are known for their versatility. They fit in with any type of décor, whether your preferences are casual, modern or formal. They’re more personalizable than shutters, so these may be preferable for older children and teens who are developing their own tastes and sense of style. Young children, too, will love seeing their favorite characters and patterns on their blinds.

Blinds are practical for parents on a budget because they can be altered according to the child’s age and design preferences. As your child gets older, you can layer curtains, swags and other types of fabrics over the windows to add height, focus and visual appeal. Anytime your child wants to redecorate his or her room, it will be easy to alter the look of the blinds by framing them with additional window treatments.

Light Control

As you may know, light is important to sleep patterns. Adults and children alike tend to wake up or be more alert when there’s a lot of light present in the room. Conversely, people feel tired and are prepared to sleep when a room is dark. This happens because our bodies are naturally attuned to the rhythm of being awake during the day and asleep during the night. The daylight hours can stretch well beyond a young child’s bedtime, though, so shades or curtains with lining or heavy fabrics help block out light to prepare the child for sleeping.

Flair and Whimsy

Without doing a total room makeover, window treatments offer parents an easy option to change the look of a room. Curtains are appropriate for older children, and they’re easy to change out whenever your child bores of a particular style. In addition to playful patterns and whimsical styles, you can add additional flair to your window treatments by creating your own customized tiebacks or by purchasing fun curtain rods to add a playful touch.

Cost Effectiveness

Curtain panels are usually the most affordable and cost-effective window treatment, particularly if your child likes to change things up often in his or her bedroom. Blinds, too, are affordable and can be kept simple in their style or add drama and depth by framing them with curtains.

Safety Tips

As safe as today’s window coverings are compared to those of yesteryear, parents still must take the appropriate precautions to keep their children safe. This includes keeping beds, chairs, sofas and cribs away from windows, especially those with coverings that have cords. In addition to keeping your child safer, you won’t have to deal with messed up blinds every day. Long curtains and draperies cannot be kept out of the child’s reach necessarily, but safety measures such as securely installing the hardware can keep your young baby or toddler from pulling the drapes down and getting tangled up in them. Additionally, take care to tie up drapes during the day. This keeps the little one safe and creates a stylish swag effect while letting the sunshine in.

Safer Cord Pull Systems

Window treatments have gone through several changes over the years, and one of the most notable changes was making them safer. When approached with concerns about the dangers of cords to children under five, products were redesigned by many manufacturers with your child’s safety in mind. Some styles are cordless while others feature safe pull cord systems that are kept out of reach of young children. Cord stops also keep children safe from the loops that are created when raising the blinds to allow light in the room.

Nowadays you’re not confined to a certain type of window treatment because you want to keep your child safe. Many options are available that are appropriate and stylish for the bedrooms of children of all ages. Window treatments have improved in safety, durability and function. They’re also easier to care for. Whether your young child wants a playful look or your teen wants a bedroom with a sense of drama, both looks can easily be achieved through careful selection and placement of the proper window treatments.

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  1. Having stylish windows is important, and that is true even for children’s rooms. However, I do appreciate the great tips you have for safety features for the kids. I will make sure to install some hardware that keeps the my kids from being tangled in our drapes.

  2. My son could really use some insulated curtains in his room. He is 16 and has been complaining about the cold! But it has been so so cold this winter, that every room is cold! These are some great ideas. I love shutters on windows.

  3. I am lucky we lived in the country and curtains were more of an asthetic look at our home and my boys all had wooden blinds with a topper curtain, any other curtain got torn up and blinds were rarely moved, but they looked boyish in the boys room, plus I could change the topper and change the look of the room, I thank all for reminding people of the importance of no long strings on blinds, ours were always tied up in a know and hooked to the wall, worked well for us, but did not use blinds til boys were older.

  4. interesting,,,I made some curtains for my grandsons room at our house,,I sewed some table mats together,,an made them myself,so much cheaper,,was just a valance but was still cute

  5. We always had plain, room-darkening shades in my daughter’s room. I hate blinds, shutters were not practical for the area. I put up nice curtains, with fairy-tale characters on them. She got tired of those when she turned 19, though.


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