Sushi Etiquette or A Bunch of Rules for Properly Eating Sushi That Nobody Ever Follows

Today my family’s hanging out with some family friends doing what I think should be the next Olympic Sport: Making sushi! Allie and her friend Stacey are heading down to the super-duper cool Japanese market called Mitsuwa later today to pick up ingredients, while I hang back with Eric and the kids.

I love making sushi. No, it never comes out as gorgeous as the restaurant’s but it’s usually pretty tastey and a ton of fun to do. We generally buy up some veggies (avocado, cucumber, carrots), some tuna and salmon, and just mix and match the rolls. I’m awful at rolling. It’s usually a patchwork abomination of seaweed, rice, and fish. Allie, on the other hand, is a master. I am good at slicing the rolls into pieces, though. And that’s what really counts, right?

Anyways, in honor of today’s sushi making, I wanted to share this informative infographic that my writing and sushi-loving buddy Samantha Gluck recently shared with me. I’ve actually known almost all of these, though I violated plenty on a regular basis.

 Do you follow any of these ‘rules’?

 via: Daily Infographic

5 thoughts on “Sushi Etiquette or A Bunch of Rules for Properly Eating Sushi That Nobody Ever Follows”

  1. Wow, Andrew! Did you guys make that delectable looking plate of sushi in the picture? It’s 8:50 AM and my tummy is rumbling for sushi already – just from looking at that photo! As far as I can see, your plate of sushi is every bit as fancy and delicious looking as those at the sushi bar.

    As you and I already discussed, I knew these rules, but regularly (and flagrantly) break many of them. Here’s the run down:

    1. I do mix wasabi into my soy sauce
    2. I don’t always put the WHOLE portion of sushi in my mouth. Sometimes it’s too big.
    3. Sometimes I dunk the rice into the sauce (usually an accident, but it happens)
    4. I follow the other rules just because they make sense. I’d never take food off of a shared plate (unless it’s Dragonslayer’s plate) with the end of the sticks I put in my mouth. I’d never hand money to the chef. It’s just gauche!

    Now the hubs is REALLY in for it. He’s GOT to take me out for sushi now and it’s all your fault!


    • Hah! No, Samantha, that’s not sushi we made! I wish. That’s from an awesome restaurant nearby. The stuff we make is just standard maki rolls.

      As for rules, I almost always shove the whole piece of sushi in my mouth at once. If I ever try biting it in half, it never works and ends up being one huge mess.

      • LOL! Yes, it usually ends up in a big mess when I’m forced to bite it in half, but some of the roll pieces are just so darned huge! Ugh! Now, I’m jonesin’ for sushi again…where is that man of mine? Oh yeah, at work! Just wait until he gets home. I’ll send you sushi pics. 😉

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