Some Jobs are Just 1 in a Hundred Million


I’ve had a lot of jobs in my career. Writer. Editor. Product Manager. Blogger. For the most part, they’ve involved me sitting at a desk and either writing or managing other people’s work. As a kid, I worked as a paige in our local library for years. I spent summers doing odd jobs with my friends around the neighborhood. And yes, I even tried selling Kool-Aid from the side of the road. I’m always fascinated, …

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Of Moms, Jobs and Online Degrees

This post provided courtesy of Vista College Allie’s been talking a lot lately about pursuing a new career. Before the kids were born, she was an 8th Grade Earth Science teacher. Crazy, I know. She gave it up when the boys were born to take on the most important job any individual can take on: raising our kids. About a year or two ago, she starting working part time as a tutor to help make …

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