Win Little House on the Prairie Season Two Deluxe Remastered Edition (Ends 7/7)

This may very well be the one post that gets my Man Card revoked. But that’s not going to stop me from writing it. See, growing up, I watched Little House on the Prairie with my mom and sister. Not only did I watch it, but I loved it. From the very beginnings with a real young Laura, I was there for it all. When poor Bandit was believed to have rabies. (NOOOO!) When Mary …

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Easter Basket DVD Giveaway (Ends 4/14)


Growing up Jewish, April was always a tough month. While my Christian friends got to stuff their faces with chocolate Easter Bunnies, I was stuck with tuna fish on matzo. Yeah, Passover’s got nothing on Easter. I’ve never gotten an Easter Basket in my life, though I did get a few chocolate Easter Bunnies as a kid. I loved chomping off the ears and then nibbling off those candy eyes. But apparently this Easter Basket …

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