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Smart Ones Breakfast

Ask my wife what my favorite food in the whole world is and she’ll respond with one word: variety. Oh, yeah, and she’ll roll her eyes like crazy while she says it too. Call me crazy, but I like variety in life, particularly when I’m eating. I’m not the type of guy who wants the same exact meal every night. I can’t eat oatmeal for breakfast every single day of my life. I need to …

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Win 3 Coupons for Free Weight Watchers Smart Ones Items (Ends 10/13) #SmartOnesOatmeal

For years, all I’d eat for breakfast is instant oatmeal. Maybe I’d mix in some turkey bacon here or there, but it was mostly oatmeal. Then I discovered Weight Watchers Smart Ones makes a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. It’s pretty good though I don’t love Canadian bacon so much. Along comes the Smart Ones turkey sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and I’m in love. I don’t eat it every day but once …

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