This Galaxy Needs a Super Cool Star Wars Themed Casino in Las Vegas

What’s the coolest thing about Las Vegas? Yeah, those insanely ginormous casinos. All the different themed ones are just so much fun to see from a distance, as well as from inside. The New York shows off huge landmarks from the Big Apple. The Venetian actually has a canal system in the middle of its shopping mall, completely with gondola rides! The Paris has its own Eiffel Tower that you can actually go up for …

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Star Wars Mimobot 8GB Flash Memory Drive Review & Giveaway

Taking a bite of Admiral Ackbar Mimobot

“It’s a trap!” Yeah, apparently USB drives taste nothing like calamari. I remember back to my childhood when I’d bring over a box full of floppy discs to my friend Chris’ house to “trade” various games on the Apple IIe computer. Heck, I think I even brought my floppy drive over at times. Nowadays, you just need a slick little Flash Memory Drive and you can store practically 1.21 gigawatts of data on something as …

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Wordless Wednesday: Sheriff Hulk Trooper and Boba Dragonoid

Clone Trooper meets Hulk

This is my first Wordless Wednesday and I”ve already apparently blown it. But I’ll keep this short and just say that my kids rarely play dress up. We watched Iron Man 2 the other night and afterwards they were so wound up, they started playing superhero. Then they went to their closet to play dress-up. And well, you can see the results. Clearly they get their fashion sense from their Old Man.

The 10 Geekiest Things I Need to Teach My Kids

When I was dating my wife (well, she wasn’t my wife at the time obviously), I remember that super special moment so clearly. I proudly presented her to my friends as if she were a Near Mint copy of Avengers #4. She was my trophy wife… er, trophy girlfriend. I pointed at a picture and asked her who that character was. “Nightcrawler,” she responded easily, before starting a conversation about Jean Grey turning into Dark …

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