The Law of Superheroes Book #Giveaway (Ends 10/15)

Most comic book fans argue over who’d win in a fight. Superman vs. the Hulk. Batman vs. Captain America. Wolverine vs. Everybody.

But James Daily and Ryan Davidson have different arguments. On their website Law and the Multiverse, the two lawyers are constantly discussing legal issues as they pertain to superheroes. Unlike the superstitious and cowardly lot of criminals out there, this dynamic duo put their legal powers to good use: They wrote the book The Law of Superheroes. Due out this month, the “legally fictional” book asks some pretty intriguing questions.

Could Superman sue if someone exposed his true identity as Clark Kent?

Could Batman patent the Batmobile?

Would the second amendment apply to Wolverine’s claws?

Does it constitute “Cruel and unusual punishment” to sentence an immortal like Apocalypse to life in prison without possibility of parole?

I just LOVE this way of thinking. I’m far from a lawyer, but this these guys bring up such a unique and fresh perspective on superheroes, that I’m instantly sucked in. I received an advance copy of The Law of Superheroes and I have to say it’s a highly entertaining read. Not only will you actually learn some legal jargon and get a better grasp on the legal system as a whole, but these guys legitimately try to answer all of these hypothetical questions.

In 13 chapters, the book tackles a variety of topics including Criminal Law, Contracts, Business Law, Intellectual Property, Travel and Immigration, and more. While I think I’d enjoy the book a little bit more if I had some sort of legal background (My lawyer brother-in-law Steve is dying to read it.), I was easily able to follow the arguments and discussion all the way through. It never talks down to the reader, nor does it toss a zillion high-faluttin’ judicial terms that go over your head.

If you’re a fan of comic books, the law, or just fascinating books that have an interesting take on things, I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Law of Superheroes.

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  1. There are certainly some villains with higher body counts, but there is nobody who is more frightening than The Joker.

  2. I’m going to say Catwoman just because, just because LOL (I don’t know many in the first place!)

  3. Since we are discussing the law, if I were to rule out supervillians where insanity might be a defense, I would say Lex Luthor. If insanity were not a factor, I would say the Green Goblin.

  4. I’m not a comic book fan but I do enjoy when they put the stories into a movie 🙂 the most wretched villian in my opinion is Joker, Heath Ledgers Joker more specifically. He was completely heartless.

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