The New iTrace Handwriting App is Exactly What I Needed As a Kid

The iTrace App

I have terrible handwriting. No, like REALLY bad. You can’t tell, though, because I’m typing this on a computer. But trust me, it’s atrocious.

The only person in the whole wide world with worse handwriting than me is my old childhood buddy Ethan. Geez. His was so bad that in high school, our Chemistry teacher actually gave him a grammar school penmanship book to practice with!

Nowadays, though, it’s not just easier to learn how to write your A, B, Cs… it’s actually a ton of fun! Thanks to the new iPad app iTrace, kids can get started on the right track from a real early age. Every four year old and their brother seems to have an iPad these days. They’re playing music, surfing the Web, slicing fruit, slingshotting birds, and even making movies. When I was four, I think I had a choo choo train.

Since kids are trading in their rattles for touch screen tablets, a company named DevPocket figured out a way to put all those greasy finger smudges to good use. They created the iTrace app, which is an interactive and enjoyable way for kids of any age to learn and practice their writing skills.

Trace the letter A

iTrace letters

Kids just learning how to write can be assisted with a variety of visual hints and supportive narration, as they practice writing letters, numbers and even words simply by tracing shapes with their fingers. What’s neat is that it’s not just a boring lesson. There are over 600 different rewards in the “game” for kids as they complete various steps, as well as 50 animated objects to keep them entertained.

The iTrace app not only teaches numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, words, and even the student’s name, but it supports multiple methods for writing certain letters. It even saves a history of your child’s progress, so you can see exactly how they’re improving or which areas they still need help with. Oh, and if you’ve got a lefty in the house, no worries. Just click a simple switch to adjust the whole thing for left-handed students.

Spelling your name

Spelling Words

Yeah, the folks at DevPocket are pretty smart. In fact, they built this app with the help of some educational professionals and made sure to use the best possible beta testers in the world: almost 100 students.

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive way for your child to learn how to write his or her letters, or to work on improving their penmanship, you should consider trying iTrace. At least I know what I’ll be getting Ethan for his next birthday!

iTrace App

 iTrace for the iPad is available in the iTunes App Store for just $3.99



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16 thoughts on “The New iTrace Handwriting App is Exactly What I Needed As a Kid”

  1. Even though I don’t have an iPad, I love learning about what’s out there. This looks like a great teaching tool, although if I did get an iPad, I’m not sure I can imagine handing it to my kid! Wish I would have had this as a kid, I think I’m the only female with terrible handwriting. It’s embarrassing.

  2. This is a cool app. I will be emailing the link of this page to my brother so he can share it with his daughter who is learning how to spell/write..

  3. This is great! My four-year-old is always asking what letters look like so she can write them. This will help her out when Mommy’s cooking dinner and can’t show her!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun. Luckily both my boys have nice penmanship. Their school has a certain font that they use and I actually taught myself write with it in order to encourage them. From what the teacher says they are getting away from cursive, not all the way, but not enforcing it much. With computers in just about every house there is probably no need except for a signature.

  5. I am 61 and my handwriting is horrible. I can still to this day remember a comment on my 4th grade report when the teacher my handwriting was a work of art that day. Only day it happened!

  6. what a great idea, and inexpensive. ahh…to be a child with this kind of technology….i’m so jealous of the things they’ll see in their lifetimes.


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