The Smartest Giveaway Ever! Win 2 Months Personalized Brain Training from Fit Brains

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I’m a big fan of games. Video games. Board games. Puzzle games. Even puzzles. You name it.

As a kid, I used to blow through 1,500 piece puzzles like they were nobody bizness. I just have that puzzle knack, where I can look at the puzzle, see what’s missing, go look at the pile, grab a piece and BAM it fits. Drove my mom up a wall and now drives my wife up a wall.

My mom’s big into crossword puzzles. Me? Not so much. I just love, love, LOVE doing those word search puzzles. I did them all the time as a kid, and I’m super happy to see my 9-year-old son loves doing them now too.

So when I was approached by a company called Fit Brains to do a review of their game-filled, brain-boosting site, I couldn’t turn them down.  On the surface, Fit Brains may seem like just another puzzle site full of brain teasers, memory games, number matchups, and Tetris-like puzzles. It certainly has all of those and way more. They’re high-quality games too with simple directions, smooth graphics and pretty fun experiences.

But what makes this site different, is that it’s built on a foundation of neuroscience. Yeah, that’s how Total Recall started I bet… Anyways, to summarize it briefly, Fit Brains is to your mind, as the Wii Fit is to your body. It’s a way to play some fun puzzle games, that actually helps stimulate your brain.

From their site:

Our first product, Fit Brains, is an online brain fitness platform that combines a large portfolio of casual brain games, personalized tracking & recommendations, a motivational rewards system, and a variety of social features. We seamlessly blend entertainment, science and technology to create a truly casual experience, personalized to each user. At Fit Brains, there’s something fun for anyone looking to keep their brain sharp!

A bunch of fun, puzzle games developed by an award-winning neuro-scientist to enhance my memory, focus and speed? Okay, I’m certainly interested. I played a number of the various games to try out different areas. I discovered that despite my old age, my memory’s still real sharp.

My favorites so far are Sum Snap and Pack This. Sum Snap is a basic math game where you link up numbers in similar colored circles to add up to specific sums. Pack This may look like Tetris at first, but it’s not. You’re given all sorts of odd shapes and in a set time limit, you need to “fit” a certain number of puzzle pieces into each box. It’s actually a lot harder than it sounds.

I’ll certainly keep playing around with Fit Brains to see how “in shape” I can get my brain. The training sessions, pie charts, graphs, and statistics are intriguing enough to keep me coming back for more.

Fit Brains membership runs $19.99 per month. Note that for the month of September, Fit Brains will be supporting brain health by donating $10 from every new membership to a philanthropic organization that supports brain research.

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