Ice Just Got Cool – Plus a Tovolo Ice Molds Giveaway ($85 value)

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Let me start by saying I’m not a heavy drinker. I certainly enjoy an ice-cold beer while watching the Steelers play on a Sunday afternoon. But when it comes to cocktails, I used to only go for the basics like a screwdriver or whiskey sour.

Then I met my friend Rob. We worked together and he was a huge scotch drinker. I tried it once and felt like I was burning my throat off. But Rob gave me one incredibly simple tip that changed my drinking life.

We were on a plane off to a conference somewhere. Los Angeles most likely. Maybe Texas. Either way, he ordered a few mini bottles of scotch from the flight attendant, along with a can of ginger ale. And just like that my world changed.

Scotch and Ginger became my new favorite drink of all time. And it still is today.

Call me a wimp, but the ginger ale cuts the harshness of the scotch so much that I could probably finish a bottle in an hour or so.

For me, the key is getting it super cold. And that’s where, obviously, ice comes in. Unfortunately, regular ice cubes are good, but only for so long. If I take too long to drink, they begin melting which has a dual negative effect: the drink warms up and the drink gets watered down.

That’s why I was super excited to partner with Tovolo and give their Tovolo Craft Ice Molds a real try. I mean, I’d have to make really cool looking ice cubes and test them out in various cocktails. The things I do for my readers. Oh, and keep on reading for an exclusive coupon code and a shot at winning a Tovolo Gift Basket full of $85 worth of cool prizes!

What makes these ice molds so much better than just ordinary old cubes? Well, for starters, they’re just a blast. There’s the classic sphere, but you can also choose from a wide variety of styles perfect for any occasion: golf balls, anchors, bulldogs, roses, mustaches, skulls, and even a tiki ice mold.

But besides the fun factor, these cool craft ice molds offer some pretty neat advantages:

  • Drinks stay colder longer! With the classic sphere, King Cube™ and golf ball shapes, you are exposing less surface area than an ice cube, so you’ll get slower melting ice and less watered-down drinks.
  • No odors or freezer burn smell. Don’t you hate when ice tastes “stale” in your drinks?
  • Holds shape better than silicone ice molds. While freezing, the molds won’t bend or warp the ice.
  • Multiple uses! Have fun with these ice molds creating ice lollipops or ice balls for chilled coffee. You can even use the Perfect Cube™ or King Cube™ ice molds to preserve herbs with a little bit of olive oil.

So how do these work? Well, I don’t think I need to give you a recipe for making ice, but basically, that’s what you’re doing.

Pouring Water

First you pour the water into the mold up to the measured line.

Ice Molds Ready to Freeze

As I was sent a number of different molds (classic sphere, golf balls, mustaches and skulls), I filled them all up and then placed their tops on.

Ice Molds in the freezer

What’s neat about all of these molds is that they’re easily stackable too. That way they don’t take up too much room in your freezer, so you won’t have to worry about all that ice cream you need to move.

Opening up

After letting them freeze for a few hours, you take the ice molds out and run them briefly under hot water on all sides. Then it’s a case of simply taking off the top and removing your prize.

Easy does it.

I was seriously surprised at how perfectly round this ice sphere was!

Plop it in a glass and you’re ready to go!

Ice moustache

I think the mustache ice mold may be my absolute favorite though.

Mustache man

I already feel like the Monopoly Man. So sophisticated. And cold.

Ice Mold Skull

The skull was super cool too. I can imagine using food coloring in the water to create different colored skulls.

Now after having fun playing with frozen water, I decided it was time for my famous Scotch and Ginger!

I grabbed my bottle of Dewar’s and a can of Canada Dry to get started. I wish I had a fancy, formulaic recipe for you, but basically, here’s how I make a Scotch and Ginger:

Step 1: Get a fancy cocktail glass. Nope, it won’t work in a regular glass or cup. Must be fancy glass. If you’re unsure, just decide if it’s a glass you’d offer a friend to use on a regular Sunday watching football and drinking beers. If not, then it’s perfect.

Step 2: Add your classic ice sphere.

Step 3: Pour in about 3 fingers of Scotch.

Step 4: Fill the rest of the glass with ginger ale.

Stir and drink!

That’s pretty much it. If it’s a bit too strong, I usually suck it up and then add more ginger ale. Too weak? Guzzle it and add more Scotch.

Cheers, mate!

I have to say, this Scotch and Ginger didn’t only taste delicious, the temperature was spot on perfect. And the ice sphere lasted long enough for me to go a few more rounds before I needed to get more ice. That alone is worth the price of admission!

I usually find that I have to refill the ice with every round.

I’ve also been getting into White Russians lately, and the classic sphere works brilliantly there as well.

I actually had a few Scotch and Gingers before taking a sip of the White Russian I made. Yet, look how the ice sphere had barely melted in the time it took for me to down a few cocktails first.

Surface area for the win! Science and cocktails are a fabulous combination.

Golf Ball ice molds

These Tovolo ice molds really are a lot of fun. I can’t wait to use them for our next party and really impress our friends. They’re already part of my cocktail accessories collection now, so I just need a good excuse to use them again.

Besides helping drinks stay colder longer, Tovolo offers a slew of additional products to help you out in the kitchen this holiday season. Things like baking items from spatulas to cookie cutters to cupcake scoops. It’s definitely a fun company to get to know!

Exclusive coupon code: Use code TOVOLOICE to get FREE SHIPPING on any order of $10 or more. That’s $10 in savings! Why not pick up a few for some family and friends on your holiday gift list this year? They make the perfect stocking stuffers.

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