Win a WB Superhero Toy Set (Ends 10/30)


When I was little, I used to make my own comic books. Sure, I could barely draw a stick figure, but that didn’t stop me. I’d draw familiar characters as well as make up my own.

Back then, all I had to work with was some paper and a basic box of Crayola crayons. Today, however, kids can easily cobble together their own heroes!

Thanks to the “super” folks over at DC Kids, you can play mad scientist (in a good way!) with the DC Kids Super Hero Creator!

Simple to use, the Super Hero Creator is a blast. Choose from a number of menus to select your name and powers, and then browse through loads of menus to put your character together. There’s a ton of different styles and colors to choose from as you pick out a face, costume, boots and even a mask. There are a bunch of extras too like a cape, belt, gloves and, yes, even a tail!


When you’re all done, you can download your character on a chosen background to share with the crime-fighting world! Impressed by my stylish Blue Dragon character? Yeah, I definitely have a way with color schemes.

If you’re not already following the DC Kids Channel on YouTube, you’re totally missing out! You can catch all sorts of great episodes of Batman Unlimited starring the Caped Crusader and some of DC’s finest!

Then of course, there’s the WBKids Channel full of even more fun like that snack-savoring pooch Scooby Doo!

To help celebrate the fun, the WB gang is hosting a fantabulous giveaway!

Win 1 of 5 Amazing Gift Sets From Warner Bros.
Including Teen Titans Go Action Figures & T-Tower Set, A Batman Unlimited Action Figure, DC Super Friends Gift Set and Batmobile.

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Who’s your favorite Super-Friend?

3 thoughts on “Win a WB Superhero Toy Set (Ends 10/30)”

  1. Rhapsody Rabbit, Be Cool Scooby-Doo!: Impossible Impersonators and Scooby-Doo! Wrestle Mania: Boo Yah Dooby Doo! are my 3 favorites.


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