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Norton online backup

Every time I get a new computer, I clean up the old one and hand it down to my kids. Yeah, we’re one of those families where everyone has their own computer.

I know. I know. “Back in MY day, we had one computer. And we all shared it. And we had to walk 19 miles uphill just to find the ON switch. In the snow.”

Anyways, Jason was recently complaining that his computer kept randomly rebooting for no apparent reason. I did a virus scan, cleaned out his cache and even did some defragging. It’s not like testing a random action is easy. So we waited and it continued to happen.

I did some more digging online, tried replacing the CMOS battery and it seemed to be a bit better. Then his computer shut off randomly… and didn’t restart.

I hit the button a few times and nothing. So I unplugged the machine, plugged it back in and then it worked. Whew. Only, as time went by this happened more and more until one day, it just wouldn’t come back from the grave at all.

Apparently Jason’s Gateway computer thinks DNS stands for Do Not Resuscitate.

In the end, it turned out to be a bad connection on the motherboard and it was cheaper to just buy a new CPU than to have it fixed. But the one thing that we were so lucky with is that it was Jason’s computer. Not mine. Not my wife’s.

Jason's dead computer awaits its inevitable fate. (i.e. sledgehammer)
Jason’s dead computer awaits its inevitable fate. (i.e. sledgehammer)

My nine-year-old son had maybe a few wallpapers on his computer and not much else. Yeah, he had to redo his bookmarks and favorites, but that was pretty much it. We absolutely dodged a bullet.

Why should we back up our computers? It should be fairly obvious by now.

Allie has 1.9 zillion photos on her computer. Plus a slew of videos. Our entire kids’ existence is on there for crying out loud! Who’s the genius who doesn’t back that stuff up regularly?!? Oh yeah, that’d be me.

I have no excuse. None.

I don’t own a big external hard drive. Nope. I own two. I used to back up my computer and Allie’s computer and my work computer and my laptop, etc. But since we keep moving computers around, it just got be somewhat of a pain to keep plugging and unplugging everything. So I stopped. And it’s been months and months and months. And I really need to back up everything a.s.a.p.

I may not have zillions of photos on my own computer (I do have a slew though), but I have oodles of Word documents dating back over a decade from all the writing I’ve done. I would certainly be curled up in a fetal position in the corner of the room if my computer got eradicated by a virus or shut down randomly and never started again.

That’s why I’m jumping for joy (No, really. I am. You just can’t see it.) that Norton asked me to take their Norton Online Backup for a test drive!

I’m pretty sure this personal cloud service backup was created for people like me. Or maybe just me personally. It’s just too good to be true! Look at some of the many features it offers:

  • Automatically backs up your important files to a secured online data center.

  • Lets you quickly and easily restore files to your computer in the event of a hard drive crash, accidental deletion, computer theft or just about any other horrible thing you can think of like having your kids see if your computer can really float in the bathtub.

  • Backs up files from up to five Windows or Mac computers with just a single subscription. For a family of four like us where everyone has their own computer, this is perfect!

  • Grows with your backup needs — you can easily add secured storage space as you need it.

  • You can retrieve your files at any time from any computer through a secured password-protected Web page.  Back up files from your PC and later restore them on your Mac.

  • Automatic backups — you just set your preferences and let Norton Online Backup run quietly in the background on a regular basis.


I’m really excited to use Norton Online Backup and so far I’ve been as pleased as punch. Simple to install and a breeze to use, I honestly feel loads better about my digital memories, knowing that they’re backed up and stored safely in the cloud.

It’s really a much better system than having to lug around external hard drives, remembering to back things up, etc. Not to mention using a different external drive for each computer, especially when one’s a Mac and the others are PCs.

Why use Norton Online Backup? Because if your head’s already in the clouds, shouldn’t your precious photos and files be there with you?

Visit Norton’s Personal Cloud blog for more news and information about cloud storage and backing up important data.

The fine folks over at Norton are so dedicated to protecting your precious files and photos that they’re even sponsoring a giveaway on Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy!

Win a 1-Year Subscription to Norton Online Backup

(Up to 5 Macs or PCs; 25GB of storage)


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I was compensated for this post in exchange for my honest opinions. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and in no way were influenced by the company providing the product.

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