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DC Super Hero Girls

I’ve been a comic book fan since I was in elementary school. I lived and breathed superheroes through the 1980s and beyond. And as I grew older, so did the comics industry.

Characters got more violent. Stories got darker. In short, the stories matured with the fans.

In theory, that’s great. It means I can still enjoy reading comics. However, it also means the industry’s failing to bring in new young readers. Recently, though, the folks at DC Comics have done a great job at attracting young viewers with all sorts of great cartoons and webisodes loaded with great characters like Batman, the Teen Titans, Superman and more.

And now they’re tossing that net even wider by going after the female audience. Yep, when I was a kid it was pretty much Wonder Woman and Batgirl and that was it for female characters. Now, the superheroines are almost as prominent as the guys! And with DC Super Hero Girls, the ladies take center stage!

DC Entertainment’s newest animated feature takes the heroes and villains of the DC Universe, tosses them together in high school for some hilarious, action-packed adventures.

Poison Ivy. Wonder Woman. Starfire. Batgirl. Katana. Supergirl. Harley Quinn. They’re all hanging out as besties, while they learn about their powers and… yes, the power of friendship. It’s a really sweet series that, to be honest, had my wife completely mesmerized as I watched through a few episodes.

 If you’re looking to turn your little gal (or heck, even boys will like it too!) into a fangirl, set her down in front of the DC Super Hero Girls YouTube Channel and let the Girl Power loose!

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