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I’ve always wanted to open up a theme restaurant called On a Stick. See, everything you order comes on a stick. Hot dogs. Marshmallows. Chicken fingers. The bread. Heck, even the water would somehow come in a glass on a stick. (I’d come up with some ingenious way of putting holes in the table to hold all these sticks.) Breakfast would be a bit tough, but I’m still working out the details.

Anyways, I’m a fan of themes and of convenience. I mean, come on, is anything easier to eat than if it’s on a stick? No utensils necessary! No messy fingers too!

So what’s my point here? No, I’m not looking for some venture capital to start up a restaurant. (Why, do you know somebody?) What I’m saying is, sometimes convenience can be… well, pretty darn convenient. Take party planning for instance.

Now, for the most part, my wife’s always planned our kids’ birthday parties. Sure, I’ve helped out but I’ll freely admit it’s all her. She does the shopping, the wrapping, the assembling of goody bags, etc. I know it can be a major pain driving all over the place to find the right combination of plates and balloons because they have to have that one specific version of Pokemon, not the older one. My head’s already spinning just thinking of the coordination involved.

Birthday in a Box

That’s why a company like Birthday in a Box is so awesome. How can you not love a company with a name like that?

I’ve actually known Birthday in a Box for years. They’ve had an affiliate program for a long time now (yep, all links in this post are affiliate links, so if you click through, I’ll make a small percentage of the sale), so I’ve actually worked with them back in my online couponing days, and even got to meet some of their staff in person. Nicer folks you couldn’t meet.

As the name implies, you pretty much can get your entire birthday party wrapped up nice and neat in one box delivered right to your house. Well, everything except the birthday cake and the birthday boy or girl, that is.

I’ve gotta think these guys are one major lifesaver for all you new parents. Or even moreso for you parents expecting a second or third kid while you’re celebrating a birthday for your oldest. Whether you just had a baby or are about to pop, I can’t even imagine you trying to coordinate a birthday party for a 3-year-old at the same time.

Birthday in a Box doesn’t just have you covered from paper goods to decorations to balloons and even goody bags. They go a step further by slapping all of that together under popular themes. Pick your theme and find it all in one spiffy page!

From baby showers to first birthdays, you new moms and moms-to-be can go all out with your celebration.

Baby Shower supplies
What fun is a baby shower without a crown for the Mom to Be?

And once you’ve popped out that kid, before you now it, it’ll be time to celebrate that first birthday! Choose from loads of themes to plan the perfect party!

1st Birthday Parties  First Birthday Party Supplies   1st Birthday Ideas at Birthday in a Box

Seriously, these guys have thought of everything. There’s even a 1st birthday highchair kit!

1st Birthday Boy Highchair Kit  1 Set    1st Birthday Boy Party Supplies


There’s over 150 different themes in total available at Birthday in a Box. So if you can’t find something you or your kids like, well, you clearly don’t have a TV, never go to the movies and hate all things cute.

Now, I’ve got 2 boys (and I’m a geek at heart) so I love these popular themes:


Avengers party supplies
Avengers Party, Assemble!

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros Deluxe Kit
It’s a me at a party!

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob Birthday Ultimate kit
I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready to party!

Totally ’80s

Totally 80 s Standard Kit  Serves 8
Must. Have. Now.

Want further proof that Birthday in a Box is a party planner’s best friend in the entire world galaxy? Yes, they offer a Millennium Falcon Piñata to go with your Star Wars-themed party!

Star Wars Pinata Kit

Of course, if you’ve got a girl’s birthday to plan, there’s plenty to choose from for your little princess (not to say girls can’t enjoy the same things as boys!). Here’s just a super small sample:

Girls Party Supplies at Birthday in a Box
If your daughter loves pink and princesses, you’re pretty much set for life here.

While Halloween’s a long way off, it’s never too early to start planning. Yep, there’s even a huge costume assortment available. Heck, why not buy up a few dozen Clone Trooper costumes to give away as goody bags to all the kids coming to your Star Wars-themed party? Definitely a fun and unique idea.

And come on, how insanely adorable is that frog baby? I almost want to have another kid just to force him to wear it!

Costume for Kids and Adults at Birthday in a Box

So what exactly can you get from Birthday in a Box? Everything you can think of that you’d need for a party… and then some. There’s cups, napkins, plates, table covers and centerpieces. Then there’s invitations, thank you cards, decorations, balloons, games, and even cake supplies. My favorite is the huge assortment of party favors perfect for all sorts of themes.

When Allie throws me a Captain America Movie party in April tying in to the new Captain America: Winter Soldier film (hint hint!), there’s plenty of Cap-themed items. But I absolutely love these superhero rubber duckies!

Superhero Rubber Duckies

Superhero Rubber Duckie

As you can see, shopping by theme definitely has its advantages. Easily pick what you want or grab a full-on party pack to get it all picked out for you. So if you’ve got a party coming up, leave the preparation and stress to the professionals. Give Birthday in a Box a try! Oh, and Happy Birthday to your little guy or gal!

Shop Birthday in a Box

Save 10% off your order with coupon code PARTYTEN!

Birthday in a Box logo

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260 thoughts on “Win a $25 Birthday in a Box Gift Card (Ends 2/4)”

  1. I’d get Angry birds for my son! 🙂 He’s had a angry birds theme birthday party for the last 2 years,because that’s all he’s been into. lol

  2. I like the The Party Continues 40th Birthday theme. It is my husband’s 40th in April and this would be awesome to have for him!

  3. My Son adores SpongeBob …he’ll be 30 this year, and guess what his theme will be? That’s right, SpongeBob 🙂 big goof! They never grow up do they 🙂

  4. It was the ’80s theme that drew me in, and that’s the one I’d want. Back in the late ’90s some friends and I had an ’80s-themed New Year’s party, and it was sensational. I’d love to do the same for a birthday for them.

  5. On my Grandson’s next Bday party we are going to have a Halloween Birthday Party. The Spooktacular Deluxe Kit that Serves 50 would be my favorite. I will share this website with my daughter for any party we have.

  6. My girls would absolutely freak out if they had the brand new Frozen party theme. My daughter’s 5th bday is on feb. 9th and not only is frozen the perfect theme for the weather, it’s my kids’ favorite movie at the moment. We’ve seen it twice already.

  7. I love the Minnie Mouse theme because my daughter is obsessed! She has a birthday in April and I am so happy to have found Birthday in a Box through you! They have some awesome stuff!

  8. I love the Despicable Me party theme! We love both of the movies and my son would love to have this as his birthday party!

  9. I would choose the MineCraft. Awesome they carry Minecraft. Two years ago I had a DIY Minecraft party it was fun but, a lot of work.

  10. the hippy chick party would be cool. Though,,I really don’t like that most of the ‘girl’ party themes are soooooo pink. As a girl I hated pink and MY Princesses never wore Pink. MY Princesses kicked dragon butt and wasted no time flittering around in poofy pink dresses. Seems ta me we should by now have a broader range of imagination for girlish play then an endless parade of 1950’s sterotypes.

  11. the hippy chick party would be cool. Though,,I really don’t like that most of the ‘girl’ party themes are soooooo pink. As a girl I hated pink and MY Princesses never wore Pink. MY Princesses kicked dragon butt and wasted no time flittering around in poofy pink dresses. Seems ta me we should by now have a broader range of imagination for girlish play then an endless parade of 1950’s sterotypes.

  12. I love the pink and black of this Zebra Party Ultimate kit Serves 8 Guests with napkins, plates, glasses it is perfect for our little diva party.

  13. I love the multi colored chevron theme, I could use that for the joint party we’ll do for our 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter.

  14. I actually have two favorites: the Duck Dynasty Deluxe Kit and the Spiderman Deluxe Kit. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  15. My son would love a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party…although his absolute first choice would be a Minecraft themed party!


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