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I’m a somewhat Green person. I recycle as much as I can. Try not to use Styrofoam. And even tried those horrific low-energy light bulbs that are like $19 for a tiny bulb that’s supposed to last for decades. Yeah, I guess I used to be a lot more into the environment than I am now. Getting older and having kids can do that to a person.

But back in high school, I was a proud member of SOP! Okay, not the best name, but it stood for Save Our Planet. It was a student-run organization dedicated to helping the environment. One particular thing I recall doing is spending a few hours one day going to a local elementary school and putting on a demonstration. We showed the kids how to physically recycle paper! I don’t remember the exact formula but we mixed paper with water and some other stuff to create some mush, then flattened it, added some other gunk and let it dry. Yeah, I’m all about the details today, huh?

It was actually so much fun teaching the kids, especially since they were so into it! These days, my kids are decently trained at recycling papers, cardboard, plastic and metal soda cans. It’s great that so many schools offer assemblies every year to talk about the importance of recycling. And it’s also great that so many companies out there are doing what they can to help ol’ Mother Nature out.

I was sent a real nice care package from Scotties full of all sorts of different tissue boxes of theirs. What I love about Scotties is their dedication to the environment.  They actually plant three trees for every one used. So the more you blow your nose, the more you’re actually helping the trees! (Even though the trees and pollen and all that other stuff may be causing you to sneeze in the first place. It’s a sick cycle!)

Scotties Tissues Care Package
It takes a steady hand to balance the Scotties Tissues Care Package!

Scotties Tissues come in a number of different sizes, plies, shapes and colors. I love the square boxes for my office desk, since it takes up the least amount of room and is a cinch to just grab a tissue at a moment’s sneeze notice. The more traditional rectangle boxes are great for more “public” areas like the living room or kitchen. Guests are always looking for tissues, so the bigger the box, the easier they are to find!

What’s also neat about Scotties is that they’re running a mega $10,000 Video Contest to teach 3rd – 5th Graders the importance of trees. The Second Annual Trees Rock! Video Contest invites kids or groups of kids in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade to submit a 1-to-3 minute video that expresses their own views on “Why trees are so important to them, their school, and their community.” They also can share their thoughts on ‘What they would like to see their school do with the $10,000 prize money!”

The winning entry gets $10,000 to be used for a sustainability project at their school. But that’s not all. Scotties will put on a Trees Rock! Rock Concert for them and conduct a special celebratory tree planting ceremony right at their school! Talk about making a difference that everyone can take part in!

Entries must be submitted by November 29, and then 12 finalists will be chosen in December, followed by a public vote!

This is seriously a great way to get young kids thinking and talking about the environment in a really fun way. Jason and Ryan are always making ridiculous videos around the house, so I’d love to see them use their creativity to come up with something about trees.

Somehow, knowing my kids, however, I’m sure Minecraft will find its way in there…

Trees Rock!

Visit Scotties Trees Rock! for more info

Win a $25 Target Gift Card & Scotties Tissue Care Package
(Care Package includes a variety of Scotties Tissues)

Scotties Care Package

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262 thoughts on “Win a $25 Target Gift Card & Scotties Tissue Care Package (Ends 11/15)”

  1. I was looking for ocean energy turbine and came across your Win a $25 Target Gift Card & Scotties Tissue Care Package (Ends 11/15) | Mommy's Busy, Go Ask Daddy page. My biggest concern is green energy, unless we stop climate change the earth is going to be in bad danger.
    We are amazed scientists are not looking at using more clean energy like Ocean Turbines kind of like Florida based Crowd Energy. If we dont solve this problem today its going to get worse.
    Thank you, Taormina

  2. Thanks for the giveaway… we wash dishes by hand & save the rinse water for our landscape plants, flower & vegetable garden, etc.

  3. i help the environment by recycling food containers and other things. i buy secondhand rather than new. i also buy green products.

  4. We help the environment by buying used clothes/shoes/toys and making most of our food (which we try to buy from local farmers or grow ourselves) from scratch which reduces packaging, shipping, etc.

  5. We cloth diaper and often use hankies although we use tissues as well. We also use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper and we do not use paper or plastic dishes, cups, or utensils unless it is for a party

  6. Our family is trying to help the environment by using reusable products such as cloth diapers & wipes. We also recycle as much as we can.

  7. We recycle and reuse or repurpose as much as possible. We also try to buy better made products that will last longer instead of cheaper versions or disposables.

  8. One way we help the environment is by picking up trash when we find it outside. My son loves to see how much he can collect.

  9. We Always Recycle, use reclaimed water, garden and buy local, eat organic, replace appliances, water heaters etc (as they go bad) with energy savers, replaced all inside light bulbs, replaced Christmas lights…we have low flow toilets…lots of looking into sun reflectors for roof. Thanks.

  10. We always recycle paper goods by throwing them away in a separate trash bin (newspaper/coupons/writing paper) etc..and once a week dropping it off at the town recycling center.

  11. In our home we recycle everything that we can from paper to plastic to aluminum. And we def do our fair share of upcycling and repurposing as well.

  12. We live across the street from a park (Which I would NEVER recommend…) and people are very disrespectful about throwing out their garbage. So, once a week, we collect and dispose of all the trash we find on our street and at the park.

  13. Recycling, reusing plastic bags and other items, buying in bulk when able, reuse some grey water, use small heater when that suffices

  14. reusable bags, second-hand store shopping instead of going straight to target first, and more easily degradable soaps/cleaners.

  15. We help the environment by recycling cans and paper, conserving water and electricity when not necessary and walking when possible.

  16. It’s easy to recycle where i live, in fact it’s mandatory. The city picks up all recyclables free and even gives you a free nice big covered bin. It’s one of the reasons I really like where I live. They even pick up your leaves/trees free, make it into mulch and then give that away free too. One of the other great things they do is they got together with two close communities and have a three city garage sale, so there are hundreds of them on a certain day. It’s always a great turnout, and ultimately things don’t end up in a dump.

  17. We’re really mindful of our water and energy use, we use cold water settings for our laundry, and we try to carpool (or, even better, walk or bike) to work and school whenever possible.

  18. SO funny, today the having to TEACH people to be recyclers! YES I AM that old that I remember what it was LIKE in the early 50s… There was NO plastic bottles. Everything was in glass or boxes. And we did not throw those away, oh no! The bottles were ALL recycled. We stacked up paper in the garage in tied bundles, for we got 10 cents per 100 lbs of it. A man came thru the alleys wanted any old clothing, too. What we did not turn into rags- or handed down to someone, it went to the rag man.
    I am heartsick of today, how much people throw out. There is no excuse for it. We recycle EVERYTHING that CAN be. Even paper boxes, I shred most of them, they make great mulch for the garden beds! There is NO such thing as thrown out leftover food here- what we do not eat, the dog eats. other scraps get composted.
    The garbage we DO put out is so minimal. The amount of money I get from scrap metal! Wow… if I SEE anyone throwing things out like old waffle irons and such… I will take them from you! I get MONEY and you can too- from scrap metal! Don’t throw out!!!!

  19. We recycle, we grow our own vegetables, we use energy efficient light bulbs, we unplug everything as much as possible! Thank u for the chance

  20. We try to recycle as much as we can and buy items without excessive packaging. Also we always use reusable bags when we go shopping.

  21. I will admit we could do more but we always do full loads of laundry, take timely showers, a little recycling and dry clothes outside during the summer.

  22. We make a little dent in helping to protect the environment by using reusable bags for groceries, recycling aluminum cans, shorter showers and try to not buy items that are packed in tons of cardboard, and plastic. (which is really hard)

  23. We recycle everything from boxes, plastic, newspaper and glass. Our town has a weekly pickup with our green bins. I love it and take full advantage of recycling.

  24. We try to combine errands to reduce driving, conserve water and electricity as we can, and we recycle.

  25. Use reusable sustainable bags. We also recycle and encourage others to do so. We don’t run water when not using it, or brushing teeth, etc. Any small thing we can do helps somehow.

  26. We recycle, re-use and re-purpose everything we can. I make handmade flowers out of outgrown clothing. It’s neat to have a hair flower made from one of my daughter’s favorite dresses.


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