Win a Case of Bare Fruit Organic Cinnamon Apple Chips

When it comes to apples, I’m kind of ambivalent. I have nothing against them at all, I just don’t go crazy for them.

One of my wife’s favorite desserts is apple pie. If I even think of talking to her while she’s fork-deep into that gooey apple, cinnamon and crust mixture, I’ll be spitting teeth for week. To this day, she still cannot fathom how apple pie does absolutely nothing for me. Blueberry pie or even cherry? Yeah, I’m listening. But apple pie, eh.

Don’t get me wrong, I like apples. Just apples. I eat one every day in fact. It’s just apple-flavored things or apple cakes that don’t do much for me. So when Bare Fruit offered me the chance to try their Cinnamon Apple Chips, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Dried fruit in general is pretty good. Though depending on the brand, you have to be careful that they don’t add a zillion chemicals and 80 pounds of sugar. Bare Fruit truly lives up to its name. I just love the ingredients listed on the bag: 

Ingredients: Organic Apples, Organic Cinnamon

Yeah, that’s it. You seriously can’t get much healthier than that. They truly push the organic side of things, which thankfully seems to be a (slowly) growing trend in the United States. From their website:

You can be assured that Bare Fruit bake dried fruit is 100% Organic. We control the process from our Organic Orchards through our exclusive Bake-Dried processing, we use no additional preservatives or chemicals ensuring that you are giving your family the very best.

So how do they taste? Exactly as you’d think. Pretty darn delicious. The texture is a mix between crispy and chewy so you get a little bit of both. The strong apple taste is accented nicely by the cinnamon to give it that extra little dash of flavor to make your taste buds wake up and do jumping jacks. 

I’m actually a big chips guy. I just love the crunch. So I can chomp on tons of pretzels or potato chips while watching TV and finish a bag before I know it. Switching over to Apple Chips would certainly be a healthier choice and yet still satisfy my chip craving. 

If you like dried fruit or want to switch to a healthier snack, definitely give Bare Fruit a shot. They offer a number of different fruits (including apples, pears, mangos, and cherries) and come in a variety of sizes from large bags to small snack bags which are perfect to put in your kids’ lunches!

Check out Bare Fruit Snacks for more information!


Win a case of Organic Cinnamon Apple Chips! 

(Case includes 12 bags/63g each) 



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  1. I think my favorite fruit would have to be pineapple. There is a dried version of pineapple that Trader Joe’s sells that is really awesome.

  2. It has to be strawberries ane especially locally grown strawberries. I love the Fl and Cali berries but locally are just juicier and sweeter.

  3. I love apples as long as their crisp and preferable tart/sweet. I also love LOTS of other fruits including grapes, pineapple, and peaches.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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