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Back when I was a kid (cue the flashback music), fish sticks were all the rage. I loved ’em too. Tasty breaded sticks o’ fish dipped in loads of creamy tartar sauce. What’s not to love?

I’m actually a huge fan of seafood. Shrimp is probably my favorite of all, and if given the opportunity, I could probably eat my body weight in the little guys. Shrimp cocktail. Shrimp fajitas. Popcorn shrimp. Shrimp Lo Mein. You put shrimp in it, and I’ll eat it! Not to mention fried clams. Mmmmmmm…

Fish, on the other hand, I’m not a huge fan. Especially salmon. I know it’s super healthy and my wife’s always making it for us (and yes, I eat it begrudgingly), but I just don’t really love salmon or any regular ol’ fish. Stuff it with crabmeat or fry it up and I’m a big fan. But just a big grilled, poached or baked slab of fish really isn’t my thing.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Gorton’s line of grilled products. That yellow raincoat-wearing fisherman’s an old friend of mine. I practically grew up on his fried fish products, so how could I turn him down?

Gorton’s sent me a few full-value coupons to purchase some grilled fish products (free food!), and that’s exactly what I did. Well, to be fair, that’s what Allie did, since she’s the one who usually goes food shopping.

Last night for dinner, we chowed down on Gorton’s Grilled Salmon and Italian Herb? Allie simply put the fillets on a baking sheet, tossed ’em in the oven and when ready, served them up along with some rice and baked asparagus.

BEFORE - Grilled Salmon and Italian Herb Grilled Fillets
BEFORE – Grilled Salmon and Italian Herb Grilled Fillets

I have to point out to my readers and the Gorton’s crew that this was an incredibly special meal too. For this one, my wife broke out her rice cooker! The very same rice cooker she’d been dying to have for years. The very same rice cooker I gave her for her birthday last summer. The very same rice cooker that’s been sitting in its box unopened for months…

So happy Allie FINALLY opened up and used her rice cooker!
So happy Allie FINALLY opened up and used her rice cooker!

Anyways, on to the fish!

Grilled salmon, white rice, and some baked asparagus.
Grilled salmon, white rice, and some baked asparagus.

To be fair, frozen fish is never as good as the fresh kind you get at the store. But even so, frozen fish can range from good to bland to bad.

So what’d Allie think? She really liked the salmon! Seeing as how easy it was to make, she said she’d definitely make it again.

Allie salmon
How cute is my wife?

As for me, I tried the salmon and didn’t hate it. Seriously, that’s high praise coming from me since I loathe salmon. (That is, unless it’s smoked and put on a bagel with cream cheese!) It was actually pretty good and if I had to eat salmon (i.e., my wife cooks it), I’d certainly eat it.

Herbalicious! Me and salmon aren't the best of friends.
Herbalicious! Me and salmon aren’t the best of friends.

What about the Italian Herb? I’m more of a fan of cod, flounder or pollack. When I think of “fish” for dinner, that’s the basic kind I think of. It’s usually a bit lighter and less “fishy” tasting. This one was actually pretty good, I’ll say. I liked the herbed flavoring on top and the fish was fairly flaky too. I’m a big fan of flavor though so I added a bit of salt and pepper myself, but otherwise, I really liked it and finished off both pieces, while Allie took to the salmon.

I enjoyed the fish even if Allie pointed out that gray is not my color.
I enjoyed the fish even if Allie pointed out that gray is not my color.

Besides taste and convenience, one thing I noticed about Gorton’s grilled line is that they’re gluten free. I really have no clue what gluten tastes like… but I certainly didn’t miss it. I know a lot of people have gluten allergies (like my blog buddy FabGrandma!), so it’s always great to see more and more gluten-free products hitting the market.

If you’re interested in trying out Gorton’s grilled fish, you can download a coupon on! You can also enter the Real Fabulous Sweepstakes daily for a shot at winning a $1,000 makeover!

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  2. Baked Salmon and Fried Catfish are my absolute favorites, though not necessarily at the same time! Would make a super awesome meal to have both at once though…

  3. Years ago, we went on a charter fishing boat in Oregon. We caught some sea bass. That evening, we deep fried it. It is definitely my favorite seafood now!

  4. I love stuffed salmon though I typically like all kinds of seafood. I’ve found that it all depends on how it’s cooked but Gorton’s always does a wonderful job!

  5. My most very favorite thing to see on a menu is skatewing. For everyday, I-gotta-cook-it fish, I usually do salmon or cod. (THey’re hard to screw up.:)

  6. Crab sandwiches. Last year we learned how to catch crab out on the oregon coast. They boil them right there on the coast and you can eat your own catch any way you please.

  7. I like a lot of the milder tasting fish. We eat tilapia at home all the time because it is very mild – and easy to “dress up”.

    As far as favorite fish – probably sushi grade ahi tuna. Mmmm… sushi…

  8. I love to have fish with veracruz style sauce. I have used tilapia, halibut, and salmon in this recipe. I love the combination of green olives, capers, and tomatoes as a sauce on fish.

  9. I favorite would be lobster. We have it a few times a year as a treat and I absolutely love it. Boiled lobster with melted butter.

  10. My favorite seafood dish is walleye! I live in Wisconsin so it is usually really fresh, with light batter – yum! I really like Gorton’s fish. We buy the crunchy fish fillets for family meals (with mac n’ cheese). The kids love it!!!

  11. We love going out for Friday night fish fries, but in our home we love eating salmon, I usually just season it and put a little lemon on it!

  12. Oh I love seafood, especially salmon. My favorite is slightly grilled salmon with a little lemon drizzled over it, served beside cheesy rice and veggie mix (carrots and peas). My husband won’t touch seafood. As a kid, and as an adult I LOVED fish sticks.

  13. You sound like my husband. He doesn’t like fish much. I have one way of preparing fish that he really likes, and it involves sauteed onions and bell peppers. He will eat that with rice. I have not gotten him to voluntarily eat salmon in 21 years, though.


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