Win a Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest Playset

Holiday Gift Guide – Pokemon Petite Pals: Escape in the Forest

Pokemon Escape in the Forest

Gotta gift ’em all! Pokemon seems to be one of those popular series that will span generations.

My kids went through a Pokemon phase where they watched episodes, collected figures and piled up loads of Pikachu, Squirtle and even Sudowoodo plush stuffed animals. They even got into the Pokemon card game and still play a bit today.

And of course, there’s the whole resurgence of popularity thanks to the Pokemon Go app! (My day was so made when I finally caught a Psyduck one day while hiking in the woods with the family.)

Well, if your little ones are really into catching all those Pokemon, TOMY has an adorable new toy line that’s just perfect to add to their Holiday Wish List. It’s the Pokemon Petite Pals line, and it features some fun playsets with cute little critters and accessories.

TOMY sent me the Pokemon Petite Pals: Escape in the Forest playset and if I were a little kid, I’d be happier than a Shellder (That’s the closest thing to a Clam Pokemon I could think of.) Heck, I’m an adult but still a big kid at heart and I even had fun playing with this thing!

Escape from the Forest features 22 individual pieces including a bed, table, ladder, chairs, lamp, phone and four fabulous Pokemon Petite Pals: mini-Pikachu, Oshawott, Fennekin and Fletchling. Your kids can certainly have some wild adventures with these little guys, as they create some imaginative stories.

Pokemon Escape in the Forest

Just look at li’l Pikachu hanging outside his window with his friends outside. As a kid, I would so want to live in a treehouse like this. Who am I kidding? As an adult, I so want to live in a treehouse like this!

Pokemon Escape in the Forest

On the flip side of the play set, you can place your Pokemon Petite Pals in a variety of areas including a swing, the upstairs bedroom, downstairs kitchen, or even climbing up that ladder.

Pokemon Escape in the Forest

There are even stickers to add to the fun. And you even have your choice of colors and patterns for various items.

Pokemon Escape in the Forest

Here’s Pikachu causing trouble upstairs as he frolics on top of the little dresser. Note the tiny plastic suction cup on his bottom, which helps the characters stick to just about anywhere in the tree.

Pokemon Escape in the Forest

Of course you can move many of the pieces to any room in the tree playset and beyond! Dinner has never been more adventurous!

Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest would make for a perfect stocking stuffer (though you’d probably need a wide stocking to fit this in!) or a really great present for any kids on your holiday gift list.

TOMY’s also giving my readers a chance to get in on the fun! One lucky reader will take hom a Pokemon Petite Pals: Escape From the Forest playset! Just use the widget below to enter. Good luck entering and good luck catching ’em all!

Pokemon Petite Pals Giveaway

Win Pokemon Petite Pals: Escape in the Forest Playset

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19 thoughts on “Win a Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in the Forest Playset”

  1. This would make my youngest so happy! She loves Fennekin and Pikachu and his set would be great for her! It’s a bit outside our budget, so I’d love to win it, but good luck to everyone!

  2. I am a Poliwhirl fan.My kids think I’m a total dork for choosing him but I don’t care,lol. They are more into Vaporeon and Blissey. My daughter would lose her marbles over this set.Definitely snagging it for her!

  3. This set is awesome! My son would love it. He is obsessed with Pokemon. Every night he reads his pokemon encyclopedia in bed with his flashlight until he falls asleep! My favorite Pokemon is eevee. I think his is probably Dratini.


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