Win a Set of 4 Waterford Stemless Wine Glasses valued at $240 (Ends 1/6)


I’m not a heavy drinker. I doubt that comes as a surprise to anyone. I never touched the stuff in high school and only really got into it in college like a good freshman should. And even then, it wasn’t like I was out partying all the time.

I’m probably the opposite of a beer snob. I’m quite content downing a Bud Light. As for cocktails, I’m a big fan of scotch… but only if you mix it with ginger ale and toss it on the rocks. I’m a sucker for a Rum & Diet Coke, and my favorite’s a Whiskey Sour. That’s pretty much the extent of my cocktail dance card.

Even so, I’ve always been fascinated by bartending. I never had a desire to work in a bar, but I’d still love to be able to whip up all sorts of crazy cocktails at parties or get togethers. I even tried taking an online bartending course once, but, well, it just got too boring for me.

Years ago, for my birthday, Allie bought me a mixology set complete with shaker and all the necessary tools for a bartender in training. She even got me one of those 367 Cocktail Recipes books. Ask me if I’ve made any yet. Yeah, all I’ve done is made a screwdriver and a Whiskey Sour with some sour mix I picked up at… yeah, the supermarket.

Shake it up, baby!
Apparently I was shaking so hard, Ryan couldn’t hold the camera steady.

I’ll admit it. When it comes to the world of mixology, I’m a sad sack. I do have a pretty unique shot glass collection though. Every vacation we go on, I always try to pick one up. Some of my favorites are from the Adirondacks, Hershey Park and the Bronx Zoo! I’ve even snagged a few comic-themed ones at various conventions over the years. There’s the Captain America shield, a Cobra (from G.I. Joe logo), and Flash’s lightning bolt.

Who’s up for shots?

Fun? Yes. Classy? Far from it.

I’m not a super fancy guy, but I’ll tell ya, there’s something fun about using really nice glassware too. For our wedding, we received some beautiful highball glasses that I absolutely love using. The feel of the glass. The look. The texture. It somehow all combines to infuse a shot of sophistication.

Recently, I discovered that Waterford (you know, the guys who make some amazingly gorgeous crystal vases, candlesticks, bowls, glasses, etc.) has an exciting new Mixology line. I thought they’d be super fancy and not really do much for me. And then, well, then I took a look at them. And fell in love.


How gorgeous is this set of Waterford Mixology Shot Glasses? Seriously! They’re just so darn colorful and I love the different-shaped bottoms to them all.

It’s not just the shot glasses that are bubbling over with exciting anticipation. It’s the entire new Mixology line! Waterford’s found a way to completely modernize the world of luxury living with a gorgeous splash of color and injection of trendy styles!

From Waterford:

With striking new shapes, inherently classic Waterford cutting techniques, and a special splash of trending colors, Mixology is a breakthrough of self-expression and personalization opportunities for Waterford enthusiasts, everywhere.

The recipe for Mixology contains key elements from the periodic table of style and sophistication. Four fresh, dynamic cutting patterns – Talon, Argon, Neon and Circon – create a completely new look when added to the contemporary silhouettes of Mixology’s diverse collection of tumblers, decanters, coupes, shot glasses and bar accessories. Vibrant, hip hues of lime, blue, purple and red adds colorful class sure to energize every affair.

So what else is in this spectacular new line? Plenty! Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite pieces:

Talon Red Decanter

Talon Red Decanter

We don’t drink wine too often, but I seriously need to start, if only to have an excuse for using one of these! Decanters just remind me of medieval times or fantasy settings like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Who wouldn’t feel like a king (or a queen for you ladies out there) setting this piece on their dining room table? Of course if I was a king, someone else would be pouring my wine for me, which takes half the fun out of this decanter…

Mixology Coupes

Mixology Coupes Waterford

This set of four stunning pieces of stemware comes in Talon Red, Neon Lime Green, Circon Purple, and Argon Blue. Not only will you feel 10 times more sophisticated drinking out of these, but the different colors will certainly go a long way towards helping you remember which drink is yours!

Argon Blue Tumbler Set

Argon Blue Tumbler Set

Continuing the same color and theme as the shot glasses, I can just picture some cool, chilling cocktail filling this set of Argon Blue tumblers. Perfect for a snowy Winter-themed cocktail party, am I right?

The entire Waterford Mixology line is a perfect combination of artistry, crystal and cocktails. I’ve always loved the whole Mad Scientist angle and actually, that’s kind of how I view bartending.  You’re grabbing all sorts of ingredients to mix and stir into one deliciously edible potion.


What good are stunning sets of cocktail glasses without any cocktails? Well, leave it to Waterford to offer up some appropriate recipes like the Circon Cocktail and the Talon Cocktail. Just like sushi is edible art, these drinks mixed with this crystal collection is art just waiting to be poured down your throat.


I just think this new Mixology line adds a whole new level of fun to the world of sophistication. Or is it a whole new level of sophistication to the world of fun? Either way, it’s a gorgeous set that I’d love to add to my collection. I just need to build myself a bar first…

Waterford logo

Shop Waterford Mixology

Not only does Waterford have some beautiful collections, but as the Mixology collection proved, they certainly can keep up with the times and even set some trends themselves. I recently became aware of a new kind of wine glass that’s perfect for the clumsy drinker like myself. That’s because they’re stemless! And thanks to Waterford one of you lucky readers  is actually giving to win a set of 4 Stemless Light Red Wine glasses valued at $240!

 Win a Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses
($240 value)

Stemless Light Red Wine Set

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on January 6, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. The 1 winner will be chosen at random and announced on this site. Giveaway is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including District of Columbia), who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry. The 1 Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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528 thoughts on “Win a Set of 4 Waterford Stemless Wine Glasses valued at $240 (Ends 1/6)”

  1. My favorite drink now is either filtered water or herbal, green or rooibos teas since I’m on a High Protein, Eggs and Green Veggie diet. My occasional wine drinking is on hold until summer while I’m getting the weight off – so far 15 pounds since December 12, 2013. It’s still fun to clink glasses when making a toast or having a celebration with friends. My favorite drink used to be Chardonnay.

  2. My favorite drink is water. If I am on a splurge day, Coke is my favorite. If you are talking bar drinks…I don’t drink very often but like the taste of an Amaretto Sour (tastes like lemonade).

  3. Whiskey sour is my all-time favorite! (Canadian mist, lemons (fresh squeezed), sugar water, orange slices and cherry for garnish)

    wendym at cableone dot net

  4. I like sparkling white wines usually, but sometimes my friend Mark convinces me to try one of his “Flaming Dr Peppers”…Thanks!

  5. First off, those shot glasses you showcased are absolutely stunning .. and the decanter .. and … wait! What am I supposed to be commenting on? Oh! Hmmm … my favorite drink … depends (and, like you, I’m not much of a drinker) – If I’m out at and there’s a bar (rarely do I go out) – usually a whiskey sour or a Brandy Alexander. If I’m home, a breezer and sometimes I even go all out and buy pre-mixed Kahlua mudslides (pop some ice in the blender, pour some mix, blend) – that’s about it. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Haha, why limit yourself to a single favorite drink?! I love sweet anything. I have a LOT of friends who make their own mead, so that is probably in the top spot for me. A friend made me two cases of mead last summer.

  7. Long Island Ice Tea when I’m out in a restaurant but if I’m at home it a Sonic Sour Apple Slush mixed with Sour Apple Pucker 🙂

  8. depends on the circumstance of course, with a steak dinner I generally like a pinot noir or a shiraz. my favorite mixed drink though is a vampire : Vodka and cranberry juice over ice in a tom collins glass and then just a splash of chambourd drizzled over the top. it mixes by it self and looks really cool as it does.

  9. sadly, I’m not a drinker, but my fav drink is coke. Since I am not a drinker, I like to have my Coke in fancy glasses to make me feel grown up! LOL

  10. I don’t remember the last time I had a drink… I think I was a fan of Amaretto & OJ, if I remember correctly. It’s been years.

  11. Sammichlaus beer, or really any beer that tastes like it meant to become bread but accidentally became delicious alcohol. In the case of Sammichlaus, it tastes like it’s supposed to be gingerbread, and it’s 14%

  12. I honestly don’t drink much, but I do enjoy mixed drinks, such as Jager Bombs, Tom Collins, or Liquid Cocaine from time to time. I also love the occasional wine or margarita.

  13. I don’t have the money to spend on finer wines, which is torture, living in southern Oregon where there are wineries in every direction (and no, they don’t offer locals discounts 🙁 ) But I love a good Malbec, and Trader Joe’s has some good ones.

  14. Non-alcoholic–very strong iced tea–plain (no sweetners or lemon added)–preferable an earl grey type or constant comment.
    With alcohol–hmmmm Red wine–Pinot Noir or a nice Primativo or for a
    cocktail a perfectly made Sazerac!!!!

  15. I have to admit that my favorite drink is plain ol’ Diet Coke. I really don’t drink much. However, I bet even Diet Coke would taste better in one of these lovely glasses.

    I really do love that mixology line – very colorful.

  16. A long time ago I lived in France for awhile – so my favorite is still:

    Kir Royale (Champagne with Creme de Cassis)

  17. At a bar my favorite drink would have to be a kamikazi (the drink not the shot) but at home I like to mix coconut rum with watermelon mixer and add a dash of grenadine. I promise it is delicious.


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