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Lego Collage

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again. One day I will own a Lego Death Star. I may be in an old-age home at the time and need some help connecting the pieces, but if I can only complete one more item on my Bucket List, it’d be to own and build a Death Star.

In the meantime, however, I found a way to at least accomplish half of that wish. There’s a real easy way for me to build my own Lego Death Star without buying it. And no, I don’t mean getting a five-finger discount either.

Have you heard of Yeah, I hadn’t either, but it’s pretty darn awesome. Pley lets you rent Lego sets. Think of it like Netflix for Legos. you pick what sets you want, they mail them to you and you build and play with them. When you’re done, just slap on the return shipping labels and send back for free.

And before you get all germaphobic, know that every set is cleaned with an eco- and kid-friendly sterilization solution to meet the same standards approved by the FDA for restaurants.

Super convenient and much cheaper than buying a ton of Lego sets (not to mention the mega clutter of all those unused Lego pieces after the novelty of a new set wears off), I definitely had to try Pley out. Uh, for my kids I mean.

The Pley website is real easy to navigate. You can search for more than 300 different Lego sets and filter it down by theme or age, as well as simply do a search.

Pley offers two different membership plans: Builder for $19.99 a month or Master for $49.99 a month. The Master plan lets you choose from over 300 sets, including advanced Lego sets (4000 pieces) and offers fast shipping. The Builder set offers regular free shipping and roughly 155 easy and medium sets to rent.

Lego Death Star

For this review, Pley let me choose any set I’d want. The good news is that Pley’s massive Lego Library does include a Lego Death Star!!! The bad news is that they were all currently loaned out. I was happy to see they did send me my second choice, however, Bilbo Baggins’ house (An Unexpected Gathering set) from The Hobbit.

Rent Legos

I was impressed right off the bat at how organized Pley is. The light blue-colored box contains a number of organized and labeled packets within.

Lego Pley

Instruction manuals are placed in a ziplock bag, while a red mesh bag contains all the Lego pieces. What’s nice is that you can even use the blue shipping box to store your pieces in as you work on the set.

Lego PleyEach label clearly indicates what should be included in the set so you can be sure you know exactly what you should have.

Bilbo Baggins Legos

Ryan couldn’t wait to dive in and start working on Bilbo’s house. 

It only took a few hours for Ryan to finish up the nicest house in The Shire. I seriously love this set. Look at the crazy detail included from the flowers to the trees. That round front door has to be the coolest thing ever, something I so want to build for my actual home. (My wife’s lucky I have zero skills at carpentry or I’d build myself a Hobbit door one of these days!)


Inside the house, the fun continues! How adorable is that banquet on the table?!? You’ll also see a number of maps on the floor and even a certain book on a desk in the upper right corner!

Lego pieces

My biggest concern with Pley (and most likely what you’re thinking) is: What if I lose pieces? Or what if the set is missing pieces? Well, I was actually a bit surprised that not only did the set contain every piece necessary, but the above were all the extra pieces I had when I was finished.

Your membership actually accounts for “normal loss” of pieces too, so don’t worry if your chid kicks a few pieces under the couch and no one notices

Lego HobbitRyan Sets Bilbo in place for the arrival of his dinner guests!

Lego Hobbit

Another satisfied customer! Ryan loved the set and in fact, his only complaint was that we eventually have to return the set!

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • No commitments, cancel anytime

For those on a limited budget or anyone who just doesn’t want to spend a fortune on Lego sets that’ll be used for a day or two, Pley is a fantastic option.


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  1. My daughter would love to try the Lego Friends Adventure Camper! I really like that they account for normal loss of pieces.

  2. My son is a huge LEGO lover. His birthday is in a couple days, and my mom bought him a really awesome LEGO Technic set. He is super excited to start building! For Christmas, we bought him the LEGO Cargo Train. He enjoys watching TLOTR’s with my sister and I and even though he has not seen The Hobbit yet, he would love the Attack of the Wargs set. LEGO’S are a great way for me to bond with him!

  3. I’ve never tried… I mean my kids have never tried the architectural sets from Lego, this might be a perfect time to get Rockefeller Center and give it a go!


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