Win Ice Age Continental Drift on Blu-ray and an Ice Age Ice Cube Tray (Ends 12/12)

What’s the saddest part about the Ice Age movie series? Yeah, no matter what, you just know that all the main characters are eventually going to take a deep freeze, right? No matter how many times they avoid glaciers, dinosaurs, or even pirates, eventually Mother Nature has to catch up to them, right?

That goes to show how lovable all the main characters are, though. Manny, Diego, and Sid have become mainstays in pop culture, as has the nutty Scrat. Their latest adventure, Ice Age Continental Drift hits DVD and Blu-ray shelves on December 11, as the gang crosses paths with sea creatures and a nasty band of pirates, all while trying to reunite with their herd.

Besides lots of “Arrrrs” and scalawag-type adventures, another big part of Continental Drift is bonding. Specifically between Manny and his daughter Peaches. Now humans may be a bit different than woolly mammoths, but the bond between a father and daughter is strong no matter what your species. With that in mind, I give you…

10 Ways for Dads and Their Daughters to Bond

  1. Have a tea party! – Suck it up, dads. Don’t worry what the “guys” are gonna say, just think about that sparkle in your daughter’s eyes when she pours you a fresh cup.
  2. Get a mani – If your daughter’s old enough, take her out for a manicure.  If she’s still young, how about doing something crazy… let her paint your nails. It’ll come off easily (most likely), so totally make your little girl’s day by using your finger nails as a canvas.
  3. Read together – Pick an age-appropriate book and spend time every night reading it together. If she’s old enough, take turns reading, either by alternating each page or each chapter.
  4. Princess marathon – Get the microwave popcorn going and then jump on the couch with your little gal to watch a slew of her favorite Disney Princess movies.
  5. Play board games – Whatever your daughter’s age, she’s not too old for games. Whether it’s Candy Land, Scrabble, or Monopoly, show her that you still know how to get your game on.
  6. Shop till you drop – It may go against every fiber of your being, but hit the mall with your daughter and go shopping. Let her try on some outfits, necklaces, whatever girls like to shop for. To keep your sanity, make her come with you to Best Buy as you browse for DVDs and video games too.
  7. Go for a hike – Find a local nature preserve and take a walk through the woods. Get some fresh air and some great conversation. Be sure to pack a picnic or lots of snacks so you can take a break at those gorgeous scenic overlooks.
  8. Cook dinner – Give mom a break from the kitchen and bond with your daughter all at the same time! Pick a fun, fairly easy recipe and have your daughter help put it all together.
  9. Write a fairy tale – Sit down with some paper and crayons and start putting together your own fairy tale. Nudge your daughter’s story along with ideas here and there and help her draw related pictures. When done, put it all together and bind it just like a real book.
  10. Go camping in the backyard – Sure you can pack up and go on a real camping trip,  but come on, how much fun is it to pitch a tent in your own backyard and spend a night out under the stars? Your daughter will love it and even if you only last a few hours, it’ll be worth it. Plus, mom, cookies, and the bathroom are just a few feet away at all times.

Ice Age Continental Drift goes on sale December 11. Pre-order it now!

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