Win Monopoly Millionaire – Say Goodbye to Bankruptcy

Hershey’s Monopoly. Star Wars Monopoly. Nintendo Monopoly. At this point, there’s got to be about a million different versions of Monopoly. Okay, I may be off by a few hundred or so, but the latest version of Uncle Moneybags’ favorite game will have you seeing millions.

As I mentioned in my previous Monopoly zAPPed edition, my son Jason is a Monopoly Addict. We have six or seven editions in our house at this point, so what’s one more, right? Hasbro’s latest, Monopoly Millionaire, was available for review, so of course I tossed my hat in the ring.

Jason couldn’t wait to dive in and play and immediately started ripping open the packs of money and playing pieces. We sat down, read through the rules and quickly got to playing. Monopoly Millionaire is actually very similar to the standard Monopoly game, with a few interesting updates:

  1. First to a Million Wins – Forget the idea of bankrupting everyone in the game. Instead, whoever hits a million bucks first is the winner
  2. More Money – Everything (from properties to houses to passing Go) is way more money. The lowest denomination is actually 1,000!
  3. Fortune Cards – These are a neat addition. They’re placed face down on every property, and you take the card and must follow it before buying the property. The card can say things like: put properties up for auction, get 1 free house on a property, or even steal a property from another player.
  4. Three Levels of Lifestyles – Instead of the standard metal playing pieces (love that little dog and top hat!), you get four sets of movers. Each set includes three different sizes, like a small scooter, a moped, and a motorcycle. You can upgrade from small to medium to large lifestyle once per game and each level helps you out with various Chance cards. (You basically pay to upgrade, which means you give up money now for more money later.)

The rest of the game plays pretty much the same way. Sure the pieces feel a little different, and the money and property cards are definitely a different design. I kind of like this version as it adds a little bit to the original without really making a huge change in the game. It certainly helps speed up what could be a super-long board game. And I love the Fortune Cards; they add a really fun new wrinkle to the game.

Jason really liked it too and I suspect we’ll be playing this version a lot in the near future.

Monopoly Millionaire is on sale now | MSRP: $22.95 | Ages: 8+ | 2-4 players

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126 thoughts on “Win Monopoly Millionaire – Say Goodbye to Bankruptcy”

  1. My hubby collects Monopoly’s so we have probably about 35 different versions! (Not this one yet though!) I think my favorite is Bamaopoly!!!

  2. i collect Monopoly games. My favorite is the Millenium one with the different icons and modern board. Monopoly never gets old!!!!!

  3. Gotta love the classics. I still have the one that I used to play at my Grandma’s house when I was a little girl
    thank you

  4. I guess I am a purist..I like the original Monopoly game that I grew up with!

    I actually own a “Mayberry-opoly” game that is still unopened lol..Our family are huge Andy Griffith Show fans!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  5. Honestly I like the original. I have good memories of playing it with my older cousin when I would visit her.

  6. come on now nothing like the original. the game doesn’t need any new bells and whistles it stands on its own merits

  7. We’ve been using the version from the Simpsons for years now and it always brings the family together for fun times!

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