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#HomeAloneInsidersI’ll admit it, I haven’t always loved Home Alone. It was a cute movie I saw when I was a kid, but that’s about it.

A few year’s back, we watched it with the kids and both Jason and Ryan fell in love with it. They couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end. Their favorite part? The old gangster movie Kevin watches on TV where the bad guy gives the stooge 10 seconds to run away. He counts, “1, 2… 10!” and starts blowing him away.

That, for some reason, is beyond hilarious for my boys. They even made a few ridiculous videos of their own just based around that premise.

Somehow without even realizing it, Home Alone has hit its 25th Anniversary! Crazy, I know. And with a 25th Anniversary also comes… a special 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition!

As a member of the super-secret organization known as the Fox Home Entertainment Insiders, I got my very own copy of Home Alone: Ultimate Collector’s Edition to review! I gotta admit, this is beyond pretty darn cool.

First up, you get all five Home Alone films. Uh, 5? Really? I never even realized they made more than three, and the third one was basically a completely separate storyline with all-new characters. Now I’m curious what the last two are about!

Besides the films themselves, you get a neat collectible paint can that’s full of all sorts of limited edition movie memorabilia including:  a McCallister Christmas ornament, Kevin’s battle plan for the Wet Bandits, his tarantula and a Wanted Poster of thieves Harry and Marv!


To help celebrate this special anniversary, I decided to leave Jason and Ryan home alone for a week, while Allie and I head out to Vegas for some fun! Don’t worry, we left a bowl of water and a few cheese sticks out for them. They’ll be fine, really.

Okay, okay. Just kidding. But I do have some fun Home Alone Activity Sheets to keep the craziness going!

HomeAlone_worksheet_Crossword  HomeAlone_worksheet_Maze

HomeAlone_worksheet_SillyStory HomeAlone_worksheet_WordScramble

Just click any of the thumbnails above to view full size and then print!


Win a Home Alone 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition


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129 thoughts on “Win the Home Alone: 25th Anniversary Collection (Ends 11/9)”

  1. I loved the part where he set up all those booby traps and the thieves of course got nailed by every one of was hilarious

  2. I loved the Home Alone movies. I think the burglars falling down the icy stairs was funny, but it has a lot of funny scenes in the video. Thanks!

  3. i have watched that movie a million times! Love the part where he’s looking thru his brothers stuff and looks at the penthouse and says “no clothes on anyone yuck!

  4. I love the first and second home alone movies. I watch them with my kids every Christmas. This would be nice to win this! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!!!

  5. I really like the sequence in the first movie where Kevin has apparently accepted that he is alone now. He acts like he could do just fine without his parents!

  6. I love Home Alone. I watch it every year!! So many good parts, when he goes to the store to buy a toothbrush, when he booby traps the house!

  7. My kids love the part in the first movie where he uses the movie to tell the pizza delivery guy to leave it at the door “you filthy animal”.

  8. I love the part where Kevin sets up the “people” in front of the windows & plays music so when the burglars come to the house they think a party is going on

  9. I really like the part in the first movie when kevin sets up all the traps in the basement for the bad guys to stumble across. (very funny part)

  10. I really have to pick only one! Not fair, let me think. If you make me choose one, it would have to be when he slips down the basement stairs on the ice.

  11. I love when he gets out of the shower and gets ready to go to the grocery store and him in the checkout line talking to the cashier.

  12. In the first movie I loved it when the pizza was delivered and he told the delivery guy Keep the change you filthy animal!
    thank you

  13. My favorite moment is in the first movie. Kevin goes into the church and finally talks to the old man that he has always been scared of.

  14. When he is kicking back eating and watching the movie. Then plays the movie real loud with gun noises to deter the crooks lol

  15. When Kevin learns that the old man next door is a regular person with a good heart and he helps to reunite him with his grandaughter

  16. My favorite moment was in the first movie when he set up the traps around the house and the bad guys ended up getting covered in feathers!

  17. my five year old discovered Home Alone last year when it was constantly on repeat on some channel.; now it’s a staple whenever it’s on. I’m not quite sure what the appeal is to a boy who typically only likes cartoons but the scene that gets the biggest laughs is when Kevin throws bricks on the wet bandits’ heads in Home Alone 2.


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