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I’ve dealt with viruses, worms, malware, you name it. I mean, who hasn’t at this point, right? We’ve got at least five computers in the house (2 PCs, 2 iMacs and a macbook), so the odds are certainly against us. Toss in two kids who play Minecraft around the clock and we might as well put out a Welcome mat for viruses.

In the past, I’d use any number of free anti-virus programs. They were good for sure but never seemed to offer complete protection. I’d never remember to update things and something would always slip through, wreaking havoc on my computer. That’d immediately be followed by a stream of profanity and a few hours (sometimes days) of trying to remove the virus or malware from my machine. Lots of trial and error and about a zillion reboots too.

Then I started working with Webroot and I’ve never been happier.

I just installed the latest SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete on my iMac and my kids’ PCs. The latest version sports a number of new features to go along with the reliable ones of previous versions.

To install was ridiculously easy. Just download the software, enter the security key and wait a few seconds. Bam. Done. It even did an initial scan of my iMac in just a few minutes, thankfully coming up with nothing.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 2.00.42 PM

What’s so cool about this version? Well, besides keeping my iMac safe and secure (no pun intended!), it offers some great extras.

Here’s just a few of the highlights:

Real-Time Anti-Phising


No need to grab any squiggly worms in your hand, but Webroot is proactive in protecting your computer. Let’s face it, even the best of us accidentally click on bad links or visit sites we really shouldn’t. SecureAnywhere inspects URLs looking for evil, malicious websites that try to trick you into sharing your personal data.

Identity Protection


With the holidays upon us, there’s no better time to be prepared for identity theft! SecureAnywhere works in the background to keep your usernames, codes, account numbers hidden from prying eyes.

Multi-Device Coverage


SecureAnywhere Complete helps you out in way more than one way. Try five ways! It covers up to five different devices including PCs, Macs and mobile devices!

Password Management


Easily manage all of your passwords with the Password Management system that encrypts al your passwords and lets you control them all with just one master password.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 3.29.50 PM
Love how you can sync up whatever folders or files you want for backup!

I’m going to install it on all of our computers and my iPhone for good measure! It’s great to know that I’m protected ahead of time. I rely pretty heavily on my computer, not just for all those Facebook updates, but for all my blogging and freelance writing. My time is already overpacked with work, I certainly don’t need to lose even more time thanks to some frustratingly annoying virus!

I haven’t noticed any slowdown at all either with Webroot installed, certainly a concern for most computer users. So be smart this holiday season. Protect your identity, your passwords and your sanity all in one courtesy of Webroot’s SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete!

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My buddies over at Webroot don’t just want me to share my thoughts with you on Internet Security Complete. Uh uh. They also want to share the software with some of my readers! Yep, I’m hosting another awesometastic Webroot Giveaway where I’m giving away 5 copies of Internet Security Complete!

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  2. Frightened of? Probably debilitating computer viruses/PUA from downloading .exe files like from sites like CNET. I had to spend a week troubleshooting internet problems from a virus until eventually having to restore to factory settings… I still ponder whether it is still hiding in my laptop undetected/dormant. THAT would be something far more common and troublesome.

    Identity Theft sounds annoying, though right now I don’t see why I should be worried about that as who would benefit from becoming me? I don’t have much money/credit/value to my name haha

  3. I am most frightened about someone stealing my identity online as well as other places. My medical facility in another state was hacked and 4.5 million people affect including myself with personal information being stolen.


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