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Wanna hear a horror story? Okay, here goes…

I once almost lost my cell phone. GASP! Okay, so it’s no Elm Street nightmare, I know. But to me, being without my cell phone is probably 10 times worse than losing my wallet. That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

Anyways, I was on a train with a friend, heading back home from Yankee Stadium. (The Bronx Bombers lost, for those of you keeping score at home.) We were chatting, got off at our stop and started walking off the platform. For some reason, I reached towards my pocket and realized my phone was missing. I panicked like never before, BOLTED right back on to the train, ran to my seat and found it. I snatched it up and ran off superspeed style just in the nick of time.

Passengers and the train engineers stared at me in shock and confusion. And when I made it back to my friend on the platform a good 15 seconds later, he looked insanely bewildered. No one knew what the heck was going on. It didn’t matter; I just had to have my phone. If I hadn’t acted impulsively like that, my Droid would’ve been halfway to Albany, NY before I even realized i t.

I’ve moved on to an iPhone and thankfully haven’t lost it or given it a bath in the washing machine (like Allie did with her last phone). But there’s something almost as scary out there as losing your phone. Yeah, it’s malware. SHUDDER!

The bane of every computer user everywhere, malware can completely stop productivity for hours. Or in my case, sometimes days! And if you think you’re totally safe from it all on your smartphone or tablet, you’re mistaken. Hackers are gonna hack. Spammers are gonna spam. And… er… malwarers are gonna malware!

I don’t know how they do it, but with more and more users spending time online via mobile devices, it’s a veritable shooting gallery for people looking to take advantage of just about everyone. But you can do something about it! Throw away your phones! No, no. Kidding! I kid!

The same trusted software you use at home to protect your PC can also arm your cell phone for malware battle! I’ve written about Webroot before and they’re thankfully still fighting the good fight! Their latest SecureAnywhere has your online back wherever you go from social networks to websites to apps!

Webroot SecureAnywhere Features:

  • “Ridiculously fast scans” keep you protected without interruptions or slowdowns
  • Real-time anti-phishing blocks fake websites that trick you into entering personal information and threat shields warn you of potentially infected websites before you visit.
  • Create the last password you will ever need – Password Manager protects your logins and simplifies your life using just one master password to securely access all your favorite websites
  • Mobile security ensures you’re protected from malicious apps and syncs online passwords across all your devices so they are accessible anywhere
  • Webroot automatically backs up photos and files with 25GB of online storage space you can access from all your devices

The coolest thing about this software is that your purchase lets you protect up to five different devices! Not just five computers, but five devices! I don’t now how typical my house is but everyone has their own desktop (me and the boys each have a PC and Allie has an iMac), and I also have an old Macbook. That’s 5 computers right there. Plus I have an iPad, a Kindle and the two iPhones that Allie and I use. That’s a total of nine computer devices! Eesh!

What are the odds at least one of them catches a “virus”? Pretty darn good, especially since at least half of them have already.

In this day and age,  just about every computer you buy comes with some virus protection. So why don’t smart phones and tablets? Good question (if I say so myself). I’m sure as the threats continue to grow over time, you’ll start seeing all electronic devices come pre-loaded with protection.

Looking to protect your laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC or all of the above? Definitely check out Webroot’s SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete software! It could very well save your life! Well, assuming you’re l like me and you’re entire life is inside your cell phone.

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Win Webroot SecureAnywhere 2014 Complete
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Webroot SecureAnywhere

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