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When it comes to jewelry, my wife is pretty particular. Though, I have to imagine most women are.

In general, though, Allie doesn’t wear earrings much (she used to and will on special occasions, she loathes bracelets, but she absolutely adores necklaces. The nice part about her necklace infatuation is that she loves all kinds. Sure she won’t turn down a blinding diamond choker that costs more than a few years’ worth of mortgages. (Keep dreaming…) But she’s a big fan of costume jewelry as well. The more “funky” the better. One of her favorites is a necklace that has a cute little bird cage on it.

If I can boast for a bit, I’m actually pretty good at guessing her taste in necklaces. I can’t really describe why or how. Maybe it’s my true mutant power or something. But I’ll go into a store like Macy’s, start looking in all the displays and circle around dozens of times until the right one just pops up at me.

I recently discovered a gorgeous jewelry site called Jewelry entrepreneur Janet Goldman started the company back in 1984 (awesome year for music!). Through its wholesale warehouse and boutique shop in New York City, down in SoHo, Fragments is a true showcase of today and tomorrow’s rising stars in the industry. Just a few of the many fantastic jewelry designers include Alex Sepkus, Alexandra More, Borgioni, Chan Luu, Colette, Jill Alberts, KC Designs, MIzuki, Moritz Glik and so many more.

So what can you find on Simply stunning fashion and fine jewerly, that’s what. I decided to go “window” shopping and take a guess at what I think Allie would like. Join me, won’t you?

Since Allie loves fun necklaces (like that bird cage one), I think she would go nuts for this Atlas Pendant. She loves globes and maps too, so this one is almost too perfect.

Atlas Pendant

I know I mentioned the bird cage, but did I mention that Allie is a massive bird fan? If she could get any pet in the world, she’d pick  a room full of birds. Me? I’d go with a platypus. Anyways, continuing with the fun theme and tossing in some birds, this Yellow Flying Doves Necklace would look perfect around her neck.

Flying doves necklaceI know for a fact that Allie has a Dragonfly Necklace. But I believe it’s just completely silver. This beautiful sterling silver dragonfly embellished with painted mother-of-pearl backed blue topaz doublets and white diamonds would most definitely make her swoon. I should buy this now and save it for the next time I’m sent to sleep on the couch!

Dragonfly Necklace

Then there’s this funky Blue Corundum Pendant. She doesn’t have anything remotely like this. I really dig the non-traditional shape on it, which is why I think Allie would like it too. If it were just a normal circle, it wouldn’t be as neat.

Blue Corundum

Simple yet elegant, you just have to love this Diamond Daisy Necklace. She doesn’t have too many flower-type pieces of jewelry, so I’m pretty sure this one would put a huge smile on her face.


Okay, fine. This next one’s really for me. Well, not for me to wear but for me to enjoy. The kids would love it too. The Pink Monkey Pendant is just the ultimate. It’s pink so she’s forced to like it no matter what. Plus it features a fully articulated 18k pink gold monkey. An articulated monkey! Seriously, I need this. Now!


And finally, there’s the stunning and intricate Web Necklace. At the very least, I know Allie would wear this one to a fancy Halloween Ball! But I think she’d like the uniqueness of it enough to wear any day of the year.


If I had to pick one out of all these that I think my wife would like the best, it’d probably be the Atlas one. It just seems the most fun.

There really is a wonderful selection of fashion and fine jewelry at (There’s also a lot of Fs, I’m noticing.) Prices do range all over the board depending upon the designer and the specific piece of jewelry. So definitely browse around. And yes, they even have a Sale section if you’re looking for some great deals.

The website lets you search by Fine Jewelry or Fashion Jewelry, and features the following  jewelry categories:  Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Diamonds, Pearls, Gemstones, Gold (Yellow, White, and Rose), Mixed Metals, Silver, Bridal, and Janet’s Picks.

If you’re looking for an incredibly special gift for that someone special, or you just can’t get enough jewelry in your life, take a look at and see how you can add some shine to your outfits.

Which necklaces are your favorites?

This is a sponsored post. While I was compensated for this post, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and in no way were influenced by the company.

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