With Some Great Plans, I May Just Switch to T-Mobile & $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway!



I am seriously considering switching my cell phone provider to T-Mobile. I’ve been hearing their commercials on the radio and it sounds like I could save a ton by switching providers.

Times have certainly changed too. In the past, just like with a gym membership, there were always crazy huge fees for terminating early and switching. Sure those fees may still be around, but now you have someone like T-Mobile willing to pick up the bill!

Need more convincing? Look at just one of the great deals they have going on right now for a Simple Choice Plan. the plan starts at just $50 and you get unlimited talk, plus 1GB of 4G LTE data.

The $50 Simple Choice Plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk, text and data while on the T-Mobile network
  • No overages or annual service contracts (That “no annual contracts” part is awesome!)
  • Unlimited calls and texts to and from ANY number including mobile phones in the U.S., Mexica and Canada! (This would’ve been so helpful when we took our trip to Niagara Falls earlier this year!). You also can use your 4G LTE data in Canada or Mexico at no additional charge.
  • No more “use it or lose it” data! With Data Stash, your unused 4G LTE data rolls forward into the next month, for domestic use within the next 12 month period (available with 3GB and 5GB options)
  • Using services like Pandora or iHeart Radio, you’ll get unlimited music streaming on the T-Mobile network. That means you can rock out without using up a single piece of your data!
  • Enjoy unlimited data and texting when travelling to more than 120 different countries and destinations,
  • T-Mobile pays early termination fees and remaining phone payment fees. Uh, hellllo? That’s huge!

Like I said, T-Mobile sounds pretty darn sweet right about now. There are even a number of T-Mobile Coupons you can take advantage of:

Save $48 off Smartphones and Tablets for US College Students and US College/K-12 Staff

Simple Choice Plan – $50 for Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data

Simply Prepaid Plan – $40 for 4GB and Unlimited Talk & Text

What’s your favorite part of T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan?


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43 thoughts on “With Some Great Plans, I May Just Switch to T-Mobile & $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway!”

  1. Oh having a good phone plan is so important, otherwise those charges can rack up and you could loose your phone if you cannot pay it. Very important to check all the extra charges and get one that covers everything your family needs!

  2. Because you don’t want to be overpaying for service when you can get a better deal thru someone else. I have Sprint right now and my coverage is ridiculous! I cannot wait to switch to Tmobile (25 more days)

  3. It’s necessary to have a good phone plan so that you can stay in touch with friends and family. Phone rates have been insane over the past few years and I’m glad that the companies are finally moving to flat rates.

  4. I good service plan because I got rid of our land line. I have to have a good plan because it is the only way I can connect with my family.

  5. It’s necessary because I think phones are part of our daily life now a days. And good service is necessary wherever we are.

  6. A good phone is necesary to keep in touch with family friends and school also you never know when an emergency will come up and you will need it

  7. A good phone plan so necessary so everyone can afford a phone in the family and to have enough minutes to stay connected with each other when needed. You also need it for emergencies and to look up info on the internet when needed like directions, etc.

  8. Nowadays I don’t go 10 minutes without doing something on my phone. I need a good phone plan to be able to get everything done that I need for work and stay connected with friends and family.

  9. Having a good phone plan is necessary so that you aren’t spending money on features you don’t need. It’s important to know what plan you have.

  10. To stay connect with family and friends with the least amount of problems and hassles that typically come with most phone plans.

  11. A good phone plan is only as good as the price….if its too expensive why even have it. I’m a pretty basic phone user…. calls and texts work for me.

  12. I think having a good plan is necessary that ensures my family is able to communicate as needed. Secondly, it needs to be affordable.

  13. I think talking about the type of plan with your child and their responsibilities is very important before buying the phone, etc.


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