Win an Otterbox Symmetry Series Smartphone Case (Ends 7/21)

Otterbox Symmetry Series

Now that Jason’s graduated elementary school, we bought him a new phone. Well, technically, we didn’t buy it, since I was due for a free upgrade in our plan, so I just gave it to him. But the point is, he now has an iPhone 4S just like Allie and myself. Ryan actually has one too (it’s Allie’s old one), except we don’t have it activated; he just uses it as a really cool iTouch …

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New Trent’s Airbender 1.0 Converts My Train Seat into an Office

I commute into Manhattan every weekday, mixing a train ride with a subway and a few blocks on foot. It’s roughly a 45 minute train ride, so I have a good chunk of time to get some work done on my iPad. When I first bought my iPad, I knew I’d use it on the train, so I bought a fairly cheap cloth case that included a bluetooth keyboard. I liked it and it got …

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