Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon Action Figures Bring the Party Home

Dungeons and Dragons action figures

As a kid, my Saturday mornings were filled with two things: Captain Crunch cereal and hours of cartoons. Tops among my favorites? Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. From 1983-1985, CBS ran 27 episodes of one of the coolest cartoons ever, based on the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It starred a bunch of kids who go on a Dungeons & Dragons ride at their local fair, only to find …

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What is PR? Unlock the Secrets with PR Confidential

PR Confidential book with all sorts of top secret props

I’ve worked in marketing for roughly 20 years. But I still can’t answer the simple question of, “What is PR?” My friends and family work in PR at big agencies like Golin and Hunter. I’m still not totally clear on exactly what a PR team does. I mean, yes, it stands for Public Relations. That much I get. But overall, I just don’t have a full grasp of what the heck PR really is. PR …

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This Dad’s View on Living in an Empty Nest

It’s awful. Terrible. Horrendous. That’s pretty much my initial response when people ask me, “So, what’s it like living in an empty nest now?” It’s tough enough imagining that Jason, our oldest, is a junior in college this year. But our youngest son Ryan, a freshman? Inconceivable! But here we are. These days it’s just me, my beautiful wife Allison and our incredibly stubborn dog Ace. It’s been just the three of us for about …

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A Super Grover Cake Rounds Out a Heroic 51st Birthday

I know I can’t be the only one. But I’d still wager that not many folks have had their incredibly talented spouse whip them up a Super Grover Cake for their birthday. Yeah, my beautiful wife Allison took me completely by surprise this year with my cake. It was truly the perfect ending to a 51st birthday I wasn’t quite expecting. I started with a relaxing morning working on a Lego Atari 2600 set and …

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Atari Adventure Limited Edition Truly Slays

Atari Adventure Limited Edition

The Atari 2600 turned 50 last year. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped celebrating the greatest video game console of all time. And I even bought myself a little something to join in on the fun: The Atari Adventure Limited Edition cartridge. Now if you had an Atari growing up, no doubt you owned Adventure. Or knew someone who did. Or played it at a friend’s house. Or bribed that weird neighborhood kid with chocolate …

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