Win a Lionel Trains LionChief Scout Steam Train Set – $199.99 Value (Ends 5/10)

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My dad needs a hobby. No, that’s not an insult or an offhanded eye-roll of a comment. It’s just a true statement. See, my dad’s always been the kind of guy that needs to be doing something. He gets “nudgy” if he just sits or stands around for more than a few minutes. Ever since I’ve known him (which I guess is my entire life, huh?), he’s had one hobby or another that has helped …

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Win a Lionel Trains Santa Fe Super Chief Set Valued at $439.99 (Ends 11/2)

I didn’t really know my grandfather too much. He passed away when I was pretty young. But based on photos and lots of stories, I’d say Grandpa Abe was one heckuva guy. Pretty much my only memory of him is a real minor one. I have a real vivid image in my head of me as a kid sitting in their NYC apartment. I was in one of the bedrooms on the floor playing with …

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