How to Afford Your Child’s Health Care with a Grant, Plus $50 Amazon Giveaway

Health Care Giveaway

At least you’ve got your health. No doubt you’ve heard that one before. And it is 1000% true. Life may throw you a zillion and one curve balls and you can weather most of those storms, as long as you stay healthy. If you’re talking about health care costs, well, that’s a different story. I consider myself incredibly lucky. Yes I have my health, but I also have my amazing family and they have their health too. …

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So You’ve Signed Up for a New Health Plan – Now What?


I’ve had a number of jobs in my life ranging from editorial to project management. And every time I switched companies, the most important thing I’d tackle on the first day was to make sure I was enrolled in the company’s health plan. Every plan, of course, is different. From provider to provider, as well as a variety of plans from the same provider. There’s different costs all over the place (premiums, co-pays, coinsurance, specialists, …

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Take the Quick Care Quiz for a Shot at $100 Target Gift Card

Call it Murphy’s Law. Call it pure dumb luck. Or simply call it childhood. Kids just always seem to get bad ear aches over the weekend, when your doctor’s not around. Here’s a Quick Care Quiz for ya: Do you take him to the ER, Urgent Care or simply call a nurse? You may think it’s an easy answer but too many people in the country just make their way to the ER, no matter …

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