Zombies are Moving In My House

My home is apparently no longer safe. Yes, it seems there are zombies on the move. And with my record of keeping plants alive for roughly 90 seconds, I think we’re in big trouble. Yes, I’m talking about Plants vs. Zombies, though in this case, luckily, it’s just some of the latest building sets from […]

Cartoon Chaos Continues with Adventure Time Season 4

The following post contains affiliate links.  If you haven’t been following the absurd adventures of Jake and Finn on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, well, you’re living a pretty sheltered life I’d say. It’s pretty hard to describe this insanely absurd cartoon since it’s a show that’s really all over the place. It’s like one insanely […]

Canada Road Trip, Part 2 – Toronto Bound!

If you read my previous road trip post (Niagara Falls, Here We Come), you’ll know about the long, action-packed adventure we had crossing the border into Niagara Falls. If you didn’t, go read it now so you’re all caught up. No worries, I’ll wait. Okay, all caught up now? Good! Because the fun only continues […]