#ClearYourHead Sinus Congestion

Sinus Pressure Won’t Stop Me From Enjoying Sunday Afternoon Football

Mother Nature hates me. There's just no other explanation I can think of. It's mid-November and one day it's so warm that I can comfortably wear a T-shirt outside. The next day? Yeah we have snow on the ground. This massive shift in temperature just wreaks havoc with my sinuses and head congestion. While I do suffer from year-round allergies, they get the worst in the spring and late summer. I … [Read More...]

#Stream Team Luke Cage

Luke Cage’s Power Man Packs a Mean Punch

Seriously, when will the Marvel Cinematic Universe get off track? Every movie has been fantastic. I love Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And the Marvel deal with Netflix has more than proven itself. Two insanely awesome seasons of Daredevil and a (no pun intended) killer season of Jessica Jones. And … [More...]

#Moana #DolbyCinema #shareAMC

Sail Yourself to a Dolby Cinema at AMC to Catch Moana Now

I went on a pretty magical journey this weekend. It involved a long trek, hordes of obstacles and terrifying monsters all around. No, I'm not talking about Black Friday shopping, but everyone else in the world may've been doing that. Instead, I braved the crowds at the AMC Garden State 16 theater in … [More...]

Star Wars

Mega Star Wars Black Friday Deal: Legendary Yoda only $29.99

The Force is apparently strong with Black Friday! Yep, I snagged me a killer deal without even having to leave my house today. I just can't resist a good Star Wars sale and if you act fast, you can snag a Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda yourself for only $29.99! That's right! This highly … [More...]

water bottle flipping

When Did Water Bottle Flipping Become a Thing?

When I was a kid we had plenty of inventive ways to kill time at school or family functions. There was the old three-coins hockey game on the table or the paper football flick game. Not to mention those wacky paper fortune tellers, which always looked like Muppet faces to me. Kids today, however, … [More...]

Secret Life of Pets

Win The Secret Life of Pets Blu-ray/DVD Combo

It's no secret that I love pets, especially dogs. (Sorry all you cat lovers!) And like most pet owners, I always used to have conversations with my dog and picture the crazy adventures he'd go on during the day while I was off at school. That's why Universal Pictures' The Secret Life of Pets was … [More...]

Tecmo Bowl

Nintendo Scores Big with the NES Classic Edition

When I first heard about Nintendo's plans to release an NES Classic Edition plug-and-play console, I nearly imploded. This was one of my first consoles after the greatest-of-all-time Atari 2600. It was simple and simply amazing. I must've spent soooo many days, weeks, months, years playing … [More...]


Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

I recently wrote about the insanity of health insurance and how UnitedHealthcare's new website can help you become a Health Plan Pro. Well, these guys are so invested in helping to untangle the complexities of health care for you that they're ponying up another great prize for a giveaway! Just in … [More...]


There Are No Sick Days When a Concert’s On the Line

Music's always been an important part of my life. From rocking out to hair bands in the '80s to teaching myself guitar and piano, I've always loved playing and listening to music. My kids are nicely following in my footsteps too. Sure they may not be big Twisted Sister fans (well, not yet!), but … [More...]

Nintendo #PlayNintendo Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash is Not Thin on Fun

Reviewer: Jason, Age 13 Game: Paper Mario: Color Splash The newest installment of the Paper Mario series is finally out and it is great.   The story starts off with Mario, Peach and Toad receiving a letter from a place called Prism Island.  When they open the letter they figure out that … [More...]

Netflix #StreamTeam Halloween

Netflix Brings on the Scares for Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween and if you haven't finished putting your kids' costumes together yet, you better get a move on! Besides having a great day going dressing up and going door to door to snag sweet treats from your neighbors, Halloween is just a killer time to have so much spooky fun all around. … [More...]

Ice Cream Bread

I Ate Me Some Ice Cream Bread

I remember when I was a teenager and I'd do some really crazy, out-of-control things. No, not drinking. Not smoking. Not drugs. Nope, none of any of that. I was way too goody goody for that. But when I got together regularly with my friend Andrew (yeah, the only Andrew I ever knew growing up, … [More...]

#PlayNintendo Nintendo

Nintendo Sent Us a Big ol’ Bucket Full o’ Color

As a blogger, I'm always getting all sorts of neat mystery packages sent to my house. Sure I get loads of boxes packed with movies, games or gadgets that I need for blog post reviews. But there are plenty of days I get boxes that I have no clue what's inside. Yeah, the UPS guy must love me. Take … [More...]


Free Moana Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

I'm pretty excited for Disney's next animated tale Moana. Despite what some people think, this is not the story of the sassy redheaded grandmother from Who's the Boss? (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Melissa and Amy.) Uh uh. Moana is a colorful tale of a young woman on a sea-fairing journey full of … [More...]


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Obviously

I am so ready to be hooked again. Hooked on a feeling and hooked on Marvel's most entertaining "heroes" to hit the big screen: The Guardians of the Galaxy! I absolutely was blown away (in a really really really good way) by the first Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel Studios completely hit that one … [More...]


The Impractical Jokers $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Going to work used to be a deadly experience for me. I was in my 20s working for a monthly magazine about comic books, video games and pop culture. The bulk of the staff was guys. All of us big fanboys (a.k.a. geeks) pretty fresh out of college. It was a fantastic time but I lived in fear every … [More...]

health care plans

Health Care Plans Explained PLUS $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Can we talk health insurance for a minute? No I'm not looking to get political at all but instead simply discuss the insanity of the complexities of health care plans. To be fair, I pass the bulk of the craziness on to my wife. She's unbelievably awesome at not letting health insurance slip … [More...]

jigsaw puzzle

I Made Art By Gluing a Jigsaw Puzzle Together

I love a good jigsaw puzzle. Was obsessed with them as a kid and am happy to see my kids are following suit. Next to Family Movie Night, my favorite activity is sitting around a table with Allie and the boys just working on a puzzle. At least it was until I met this bad boy. A jigsaw … [More...]

#GroomingGameStrong Game Strong

NCAA Football Wins Big With the Grooming Crowd

No bones about it. Football is my absolute favorite sport. Whether it's college or pro, any time two teams face off on the Grid Iron, you just can't help but have an awesome time! Now I may have gone to a college that didn't have a football team (Shout out to SUNY Binghamton!), that doesn't mean … [More...]