The Double Down Dog Proves KFC Chefs are Pure Geniuses


I need to go to the Philippines. Like now. I don’t normally eat at KFC, but I’d actually brave the Snowpocalypse we’re currently in right now here in NY, just to try this new morsel of deliciousness! Yes, KFC Philippines now sells a Double Down Dog. It’s a hot dog, with cheese inside a… wait […]

Netflix is the Cat’s Meow


As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I’m helping them celebrate pets this month! You know, all those furry little critters that put a smile on your face and warmth around your heart. Say it with me, everybody… Awwwwwwwwwww. Now, I’m most definitely a dog person. I grew up with dogs and just love their insane […]

Kid Review: Nintendo is Remixing the Games You Love

How cool is this retro case that holds both games?!?

Games: Ultimate NES Remix and NES Remix Pack Reviewer: Jason, Age 11 I just got Ultimate NES Remix for the 3DS and NES Remix Pack for the Wii U! These games give a host of rapid fire challenges from NES games. Both of these games give me a chance to experience past NES games I never played. They also […]

Did You Know They Make Frozen Legos?

Frozen Lego Box

Do you want to build a snowman? Well, yes, now you can anytime of the year, thanks to Lego! Except now, well, now Lego is giving fans the cold shoulder. I don’t know how I missed this before but you can now buy Frozen Legos. Okay, okay. Just funning with ya there. (Although you really […]

Be Good to Your Offspring – the Dad Post


This guest post was written by Boris Not all of us grew up with good dads. And not all good dads are on their A game every day. That would be too much to ask. After all, being a good father is a choice. And it’s hard. Living day in and day out with the […]

Win The Best of Me Blu-Ray/DVD (Ends 2/2/15)


Do you believe in second chances? That’s what the main characters of The Best of Me need to discover. If you missed this movie in theaters, not to worry. Now you can stock up on the Kleenex and watch this real tearjerker at home when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on February 3! Based on […]

I Finally Believe The Family Circus is Cool

Family Circus #StarWars

Since I was a kid, I’ve never really liked Bil Keane’s Family Circus. I thought it was cute at best but really was a three-trick pony. The same three jokes just kept being rotated over and over and over again. There’s the Jeffy running through the maze of a neighborhood. The kids blaming things on […]

GAH! The Second Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer is Out and It Kills!


Scarlet Witch!!! Hulk Buster Iron Man!!! Captain America! Thor! Iron Man! Quicksilver! And of course Ultron!!!! Yeah, I’ve told you how I can’t stop watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. And now I’m here to tell you that, I can. It seems I’ve finally found something to keep me from putting the first Avengers 2 trailer […]