You Already Love Gildan and Probably Don’t Even Know It

Ever hear of Gildan? No? Yeah, me neither. Until I started looking in my closet and saw the company's label everywhere! See, Gildan's been making quality activewear, T-shirts, socks and undies for years! I recently had shirts made up for a company conference and didn't even realize they were Gildan shirts until I started writing this post! To really test out Gildan for myself and my family, … [Read More...]


KidzVuz Back2School Bash Ruled

Out of the three blogging events I attended in NYC last month (Blogger Bash, Blog Her and KidzVuz), I can easily say the best of the bunch was the KidzVuz Back 2 School event! It was just packed with so much... well, fun! The fact that kids could actually attend might've made a difference, … [More...]


Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Chicken Recipe

Excuse me while I get a mop. Yeah, that's to clean off the drool-filled keyboard from this recipe. See, I was tasked with creating my own recipe using anything I wanted, as long as it was one of Hidden Valley's newest Ranch flavors. Jason loves Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing and dips his … [More...]