Win Night at the Museum 3 on Blu-ray/DVD (Ends 3/16)


Whenever I visit other cities, I enjoy seeing their museums. Unfortunately, I’m spoiled. I grew up near NYC, so I must have visited the American Museum of Natural History about six gajillion times as a kid. The ginormous blue whale hanging from the ceiling and those amazing dinosaur bones are pretty tough to beat. Plus, my wife […]

10 Netflix Movies to Warm You Up This Winter


Today I woke up, looked at my phone and saw the current temperature. Yeah, -4 degrees. That’s pretty cold. Like, you-only-think-I’m-getting-out-of-this-bed-anytime-soon kind of cold. This winter has really been a jerk. Just non-stop freezing temperatures. Ridiculous amounts of snow. Heck, even Elsa herself has gone and gotten herself arrested for this weather lunacy. Yet as […]

Big Hero 6 Interview: The Voices of Hiro and Tadashi


Sitting behind a table in a medium-sized room at the W in Los Angeles, California, Ryan Potter and Daniel Henney seem quite satisfied with their care. The duo voice brothers Hiro and Tadashi in Disney’s latest animated smash Big Hero 6. Potter, raised in Tokyo, Japan, until the age of seven, has been a lifelong […]

The 10 Worst Things About Having a Cold


I just got back from an amazing blogging adventure out in sunny Los Angeles. It was a beautiful 80 degrees the entire time and I may’ve even broken a sweat once or twice. Apologies to my friends trapped under 75 feet of snow in New England right now. Anyways, I quickly came back to NY […]

McFarland USA Review: Race to the Theater Now


I hate running. Let me just get that out of the way first. My wife’s a fan and has a few 5Ks under her belt, as well as a half marathon. Me? I can barely run 1 mile without getting a massive stitch in my side, resulting in me doubling over and sitting on the […]