Building Fabulous Memories with Photo Books

Family vacation

Know what I miss? Sitting around with friends and family on the couch, flipping through a photo album. Y’know, the kind where you carefully place two or three photos on a page and then slide the plastic covering over it to keep them all in place. Except, over time, the pages yellow. The photos slide […]

Getting Emotional With My Kids Inside and Out

#PlayNGrow #InsideOut

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PlayNGrow #CollectiveBias Despite the numerous pitches from PR folks for crazy things such as maternity bras, I am in fact a guy. And as a guy, I’m not too big on sharing my emotions. Guys in general are […]

Bye, Bye Training Wheels


For over a year, we’ve been trying to get Ryan to ride his bike. Sure, when he had training wheels it was easy and he rode it as much as any other kid. But last summer, we popped them off and… got nowhere. Jason learned when he was 9, and Ryan turns 9 this summer. […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2014


Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there! You’ve got the toughest job in the world out there but also the most rewarding one. Hope your day is filled with loads of love, family, fun and appreciation! Though, really, shouldn’t every day be filled with that? Celebrating Mothers Anywhere – Happy Mother’s Day […]

Wookiees, Robots and Math at the Intrepid #Kidsweek2014


If you live in the NYC area and you’re already pulling your hair out from your kids being on vacation this week, don’t despair. Put the wine down, it’s going to be all right. I highly encourage you to pack up the kids and head over to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and take […]

Puzzles, Legos and Puke, Oh My!

Cupcakes Puzzle

When you’re a parent, you soon realize that “planning is for the childless.” Sure you can try your best to be somewhere on time but chances are that someone’s sick, can’t find their shoes or really needs to go to the bathroom. It just comes with the territory. Let’s take my Saturday for example. I […]

Blog Spotlight: Audrey from Barking Mad

Audrey Holden from Barking Mad

Meet Audrey from Barking Mad Blogger: Audrey Blog Name: Barking Mad, Magnificently Flawed What are you barking mad about? “Barking Mad” is a British euphemism for insanity or craziness. My husband is British and I had lived over in the UK before and after we were married. I’d hear the phrase during the course of […]

A Night of Ice Skating Leads to a Sushi Feast

ice skating

Last week when it was, what, like 40 degrees out, Ryan picked tennis as our family activity.  It’s tough to say no (even when it’s freezing out) if your kid asks you to do something that’s physically active. So this week, it’s even colder. Closer to 30 degrees or so. And thankfully for this weekend’s […]

Ugh. Moving. AmIRight?

Moving Day

This featured post was brought to you by Sam Peters Nobody but nobody thinks that moving is fun. In fact, it’s probably a safe bet to say that most of us avoid moving like the plague it is. Still, sometimes you have to move. Maybe you’re moving for work. Maybe you’re moving for family reasons. […]

7 Ways I Keep My Kids Healthy in the Summer

Obstacle Course Running

Summer’s nearing an end. I know lots of people around the country are already sending their kids back to school for a new year. That just blows my mind. Where we live in New York, school doesn’t start up again until after Labor Day. It was like that for me when I was a kid […]

Ear Hair, What is it Good For?

Hear no ear hair

This morning, Ryan came into my room around 9 a.m. and woke me up. I’ve been sleeping in lately, trying to rest up from my bout with pneumonia. Okay, even if I wasn’t sick, I’d sleep late on the weekends. But at least now I have a legitimate excuse. Anyways, Ry came in to really […]

Exclusive: Delivery Man Trailer – 533 Kids, 533 Blogs

Delivery Man with Vince Vaughn

With a name like “Delivery Man,” I figured Vince Vaughn’s newest movie would see him working at a pizza place like Domino’s or Papa Johns. But apparently I was wrong. Wrong kind of delivery. I actually like Vince Vaughn. His characters are always slacker-type idiots with big dreams and a heart of gold. His latest […]

The Blog Post Where Ryan Finally Gets a Pet!


Ryan has been clamoring for a dog for the past two years. Not a day goes by without hearing, “When are we going to get a dog?” Allie and I are big animal lovers and definitely want a dog (or two) but Jason’s not a big fan. He used to be petrified of them and […]