Puzzles, Legos and Puke, Oh My!

When you’re a parent, you soon realize that “planning is for the childless.” Sure you can try your best to be somewhere on time but chances are that someone’s sick, can’t find their shoes or really needs to go to the bathroom. It just comes with the territory. Let’s take my Saturday for example. I […]

A Night of Ice Skating Leads to a Sushi Feast

Last week when it was, what, like 40 degrees out, Ryan picked tennis as our family activity.  It’s tough to say no (even when it’s freezing out) if your kid asks you to do something that’s physically active. So this week, it’s even colder. Closer to 30 degrees or so. And thankfully for this weekend’s […]

Ear Hair, What is it Good For?

This morning, Ryan came into my room around 9 a.m. and woke me up. I’ve been sleeping in lately, trying to rest up from my bout with pneumonia. Okay, even if I wasn’t sick, I’d sleep late on the weekends. But at least now I have a legitimate excuse. Anyways, Ry came in to really […]