The Pat McCallum You Never Knew

I wrote the following on Facebook today and thought I’d share it here for a wider audience.

And also, because I want to use this space to share the amazing and ridiculous memories we all have of him. (Jump to the end for those…)

Pat McCallum in his traditional action pose.

I just found out that an old friend of mine, Pat McCallum, took his own life. He was an unbelievably big part of my life for more than 15 years right after college. He was my boss. My best friend. And even the Best Man at my wedding. Sadly, things drifted and we haven’t talked in about 10 years. I always thought we’d reconnect at some point, but now that will never come to be. 

Everyone who’s worked with Pat knows that he’s a creative force. Easily one of the most passionate and entertaining people I’ve ever known. We worked together at Wizard magazine, writing about superheroes and video games. He was the heart and soul of that office. No doubt about it. His energy was infectious and he went way beyond the phrase “above and beyond” to make that office more than a workplace. It was most definitely a second home. I can’t tell you how many late nights I spent at Wizard just playing Halo on the Xbox, WCW wrestling on Nintendo, foosball in the lobby, or even a Magic: The Gathering tournament in the big conference room.
As I read a few other tributes from former Wizard staffers, I 100% have to agree with them that I would not be the person I am, if not for Pat. He helped me become a better writer. He showed me how to truly just let loose and be goofy. He showed me how to think differently. And I still use all of those learnings today in my marketing career. I still remember one of the most fun days we ever had at work by running an office-wide Scavenger Hunt. It was a blast to participate in and “office morale” things like that have stuck with me to this day.
He taught me so many lessons, but not just at the office.
We lived together with a few other Wizard staffers, and yes, even at home, we’d end up talking for hours about comic book stories. Beyond work, though, he was a part of my family. He’d often join Allie and I on hikes, or making dinner or even ordering in an illegal amount of sushi. He helped me out when I proposed, by making sure everyone else in the house was gone. He was the Best Man at my wedding.

Giving the Best Man speech at our wedding, impromptu style.

When our kids were born, he was the best on-site babysitter you could imagine. He’d go entertain Jason and Ryan, while Allie and I would run off and cook dinner or something. He loved chasing them around and coming up with the most insane games for them to play together.

Pat logged way too many hours playing Mario Kart Double Dash with Jason and Ryan.
I can actually hear Jason’s giggle in this photo.
With both Pat and I involved in their childhood, my kids didn’t stand a chance. They had to become comic book fans.
Playing Mario Kart in the driveway.
Ryan was always impressing Pat with his tall tales.

Pat was the type of guy who would spend hours upon hours upon hours building your kids a custom Mario Kart board game out of foam core and spray paint. It’s huge and Jason still has it in his closet. It took Pat a few weeks to finish that one up, but he just loved giving himself to others like that. I will never ever forget how much of himself he gave just to make others happy. Unfortunately, he never accepted it in return. Never enjoying being the center of attention at all.

Sadly, Pat had a habit of going in and out of people’s lives. He clearly dealt with some form of depression and he’d often spiral down and just not even respond for a few days, but then come back as energetic as ever. This time, however, it seems he never recovered from his spiral and he sadly is gone.

This world has lost another truly creative soul. I hope you’re finally at peace, Pat. You certainly deserve it.

Yeah, depression sucks. It’s a serious challenge to overcome and you can feel completely helpless as it swallows you whole. If you’re feeling lost and alone and can’t see a way out, PLEASE visit the Suicide Hotline or give them a call at 1-800-273-8255. There is always somebody out there to listen. And there is always someone out there who cares about you and loves you, even if you don’t quite see it.

Now, I may never get a chance to speak to Pat again, but I can relive some of my favorite memories right here…

The inaugural Wizard Halloween Party saw Pat as Bizarro and me as (of course) Captain America in a homemade powder blue costume.
One year, our Wizard house went as The Avengers. That’s Pat as Vision and me as Yellowjacket (not “Bumblebee Man” as Pat called me.)

When we all lived together, we put on an annual Wizard Halloween Party. Pat would always go way way way out there not just in making a costume but in decorating the house, complete with fake bodies (made of chicken wire with clothes on top) under the cars or bushes. We’d have “bobbing for stuff” which was a huge tub of Ecto Cooler Kool-Aid and… well… stuff like plastic army men to bob for.

Pat, Allie and I once went hiking in upstate NY to the Ice Caves in Sam’s Point in Ellenville. It was a tough hike up but walking through the ice caves was amazing. Except… the second we started walking back, the sky opened up and poured for a good 10 to 15 minutes. I have never been so soaked in my entire life. We got in the car, drove to a nearby Target and bought a complete change of clothes.

Growing up Irish (and most likely Catholic), Pat was always curious about the Jewish holidays we celebrated. So one year, Allie and I threw a small Passover seder for Pat and a few other friends. It was actually a hoot reading through the Haggadah and getting everyone to pitch in throughout the seder.

In one of our older houses, we replaced our metal bannister with a beautiful new wooden one. Except, it wasn’t stained. So I sent Allie and the kids away for a night, while Pat and I blasted music (I still remember the Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” playing every hour on the radio) and stained the entire bannister. Twice. It was exhausting and it stunk. And late at night we went downstairs, and started watching Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring on TV. And then we both passed out on the couch together for a few hours, waking up a bit confused.

Pat helped out with another home project I’ll never forget. We had a decorative well in the middle of our lawn for some reason. It was old and falling apart. He helped me destroy it, smashing it with sledge hammers. Except, the base was solid concrete. So we rented a jackhammer from Home Depot and went to town destroying that slab. My arms are still sore from using that thing.

Sharing a birthday present with Pee Wee Soup.

You can’t mention Pat without talking about the most evil, hellspawn of a cat ever: Pee Wee Soup the Kitty! A beautiful black cat, Pee Wee was a runt, and she sure made up for it. She’d purr and love you up one second, only to literally chomp down on your arm the next second. She was a horror movie come to life. And she did it to everyone, even Pat. Near the end of her life, her kidneys were having issues so he had to give her an IV daily. I remember helping him out one week while he was on vacation, and let me tell you, I barely survived one week of sticking a needle into that cat. I can’t imagine how Pat could do it for many months on end. But he loved that cat, and all cats for that matter.

Philadelphia Children's Museum

When Jason was about 18 months old, we took him on his first road trip to Philadelphia and naturally Pat joined us for moral support. We had a blast at the Children’s Museum but what I remember most is Allie and I not expecting to get any sleep. So the first night around 9 pm, we put Jason in the Pack N Play, I shut the lights and snuck next door to Pat’s room where we proceeded to order and devour a few Philly Cheesesteaks. Needless to say, Allie was not amused the next morning when she found out.

And last but not least, no matter what, you can’t talk about Pat McCallum without mentioning the epitome of five star restaurants: White Castle. We made many a “White Castle run” together for lunch or late night snacks. Always regretting it a few hours later but never being deterred from heading back again.

Just me and the boys.

Those are just a few of my favorite Pat memories off the top of my head. I know about a dozen or two more will cross my mind as I fall asleep tonight. But I wanted to share those here so I could always remember them, but also to give all of Pat’s friends and coworkers a chance to share their favorite memories with him.

Please share your funniest, sweetest, scariest, most ludicrous Pat stories in the comments below. At least this way we can all help keep his memory alive.

UPDATE: I’ve since set up a GoFundMe page for the Hudson Valley Humane Society in honor of Pat, who was a massive lover of cats. If you’d like to donate or help spread the word, please visit the Pat’s for Cats fundraiser. Thank you.

26 thoughts on “The Pat McCallum You Never Knew”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I was very sorry to hear about Pat’s death. I only knew him via the magazine, but his personality came across (as did so many other Wizard staffers) and you almost felt like you knew him. I was a teenager in the early 90s, so I “grew up” with Wizard, and looked forward to reading it just as much if not more than some of my favourite monthly comics. I have fond memories of that time in my life, and it sounds like Pat was responsible for a fair share of that Wizard magic. All the best to his family, his loved ones, and those of you who knew him personally. God bless.
    Teddy Keaton

  2. I never met him nor knew him personally but Wizard magazine was a huge part of my geek life and his work on it made me discover new comics, artists, writer and the humor was always welcomed! I hope he knew how much joy he brought us geeks back then!

  3. I thought of Pat today knowing it was his birthday. I met him 30 something years ago working at ponderosa and later was roommates with him for a while. He was such a great person. A kind,funny,selfless,caring person.
    I had heard a couple of years ago that he was working with DC and was so happy that he was doing something he loved.
    My heart breaks to find out that he is gone.
    I’m sorry that he suffered so
    Lisa Ensler DeMelio

  4. Man that sucks… I knew Pat from High school and he was one of the most talented and funniest person I ever met. He would make a cartoon of a group of us called Friday the 12th or something like that. He would always shape my character with a head shaped like a peanut and huge ears, LOL His name in the comics was ” Pinhead ” . One of the most exciting time I can remember in high school was when he said he was almost done with that comic book and was bringing into school the next day, If the Craig from above is the same Craig I am thinking of I rememember playing wrestling video games at your house in PR with you guys
    I saw Pat around 25 years ago at the Nanuet mall and I emailed him 20 years ago when I saw he was at Wizard and we sent a few memories back thru emails. I always said I was going to find him and meet up for a drink and talk about the old days and to get a few stories from him that I know would crack me up. I am so sorry for his family and all his friends, Even though I have not been in touch with him since High school I still considered him a friend and always would remember funny things he did and say to this very day, I wish I was able to tell him that. Until we meet again keep drawing me as the figure eight with huge ears my friend

    • Hi Mike, I am indeed that same Pro Wrestling Craig. I remember you and that comic book Pat made. He always drew me pretty round and fat wearing my M*A*S*H t-shirt. I also always had a tiny haircut for some reason. I wish I had that book or at least pictures of it. I vaguely remember him saying it got lost. Something of a metaphor for our relationship as time wore on. Still, lots of great memories from that time to hang onto. You mentioning high school reminded me of a time where Pat was pretending to get beat up in the halls. He actually threw himself again the brick walls over and over again. I can’t remember if you were there. I kinda remember Steve Ross (I think that was his name. Moss…something like that.) being there too. He was good at the physical comedy as well as the story telling.

      • Yes , I remember he would draw you with the Mash t shirt all the time, LOL. I was there when he was throwing himself against the wall acting like somebody else was doing it. Steve Loss was his name and was a good chance he was also there. Steve died a few weeks ago from a heart attack. I lost touch with him cept for on facebook. He was working in Buffalo working for the minor league team for NY Mets, it sucks. I also remember Pat always doing a Bob Goldthwait impression all the time. LOL. Well I hope all is good.


  5. To: Maureen and family, the Graf’s send regards with heavy hearts. We, too, have many memories of times well spent. We go back since Ponderosa. We understand how it feels since we are missing our younger sister, Ilana, since 2/2021.

    • Hi Rachel. I was so sorry to hear about Ilana. She was such an amazing, fun, wonderful person. My condolences to you and your whole family. I also know how close Pat and Ilana were for a long time too.

  6. Well done Andrew. Your effort is appreciated. Even though Pat and I had been out of contact for quite awhile, I remembered him often.
    It all started in middle school. He would antagonize me and I would chase after him. He told me he was surprised how fast I could run considering my weight and we eventually became friends. I never did catch him.
In High school and years after that we were inseparable. We got to know each other so well we could complete each other’s sentences. Our friendship got us through some of the worst times in our lives. We also had some of the best times of our lives. I can still laugh at the memories of the things we did. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

    * Cutting class to go buy comics, read them and not go back to school
    * Walking to Nanuet Mall to play games at Aladdin’s Castle, look around Spencer’s and eat Double Doozies from the Cookie Co.
    * Playing Pat’s version of D&D that we called “The Game.” He was a great story teller.
    * Staying up all night playing Ultima Online. We had 2 phone lines so we could talk and play at the same time. So ahead of our times.
    * Making fun of my dad – I still have some of the cartoons he drew of my dad and my bird together
    * Making fun of his dad
    * Spending hours cataloguing and putting comics in bags…not missing that
    * Eating our favorite dinner cooked by my dad: Roast beef, mozzarella mashed potatoes and creamed corn. Always followed by dessert. Always.
    * Playing Pro Wresting matches based on the cards Pat would make up
    * Throwing the controller at the Nintendo when I lost and Pat making fun of me (I did not lose often which made up for the abuse I endured from Pat)
    * Talking all night on the phone about….everything
    * Wondering when Pat had time to put the Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock actions figures he gave me into positions unbecoming officers

    There are so many memories the list could go on for days. The fact they still make me smile decades later is something you just can’t put a price on. There will always be place in my heart filled with memories of Pat.

    • Thank you for sharing that, Craig. I didn’t know all those stories and I wonder if I could go back in time, would I have actually bumped into you guys at Aladdin’s Castle and just didn’t know you then!

    • Craig you’re forgetting about the time you looked under Pat’s bed for Pee Wee, who then shot out and leapt on your your head by digging her claws into your skull. And you reared up in pain with a bloody Pee Wee hat. I wasn’t there, but I heard that story from Pat many times.

  7. Such beautiful stories and pictures!
    Pat was a big part of our family gatherings during the time he was with Liz (English) at Wizzard. he could light up any room and we are very sad to witness such a tragic loss

  8. Thank you Andrew – He’s truly one of kind. Thanks for sharing all those pictures too. One of the most creative and imaginative people I have ever known. We connected recently and shared some funny stories and hoped we could more. We all created so much magic together. So hard to process.

    • Hey, Gareb! Thanks for that. I’m glad you guys got to connedt recently and reminisce a bit about the (surely hilarious) past. There definitely was pure magic flowing in his veins. Thank you for giving him the stage to shine on.

  9. The massive outpouring of love for Patrick is truly amazing. Our Mom, his brother David, brother-in-law John (but like a brother) and I are so very grateful that Patrick had so many people around him that loved him so very much. Our baby brother will live forever in our hearts. A brother is an extension of ourselves and when that light is extinguished a part of us goes with him. Patrick was someone that was always there to give you a smile, a hand up, he was a genius that knew exactly what to do to help everyone be the best they could be. Patrick’s values and immense heart helped so many. Patrick was the person we all strive to be, the definition of a truly great human being. Patrick did not judge; he was there for you if you were the head of a major company or a child that needed a toy the family could not provide. Patrick gave selflessly of himself always. He truly deserved so much more.

    • To: Maureen and family, the Graf’s send regards with heavy hearts. We, too, have many memories of times well spent. We go back since Ponderosa. We understand how it feels since we are missing our younger sister, Ilana, since 2/2021.

    • Thank you, Maureen. I can’t imagine you’re surprised at the massive outpouring of love, support and inspirational stories that everyone is sharing about Pat. He clearly touched so many souls and so many of us wouldn’t be who we are if we never met him. He was a creative genius, a kind soul (with a prankster streak), and a big lug that everyone loved. Big hugs to all the McCallums.

  10. This was heartbreaking to hear. I always considered Pat to be a part of my family and I wish I’d had more time to spend with him. I love and miss you Pat, and I hope you can find peace in knowing you’ve touched the lives of so many people.

    • Hey, Rex! I think we met once (when you were probably 1 or 2 years old….). But I know how close your dad was with Pat and I’m sure you have some amazing memories with him. Hold on to them dearly.


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