It’s My 10 Year Blog Anniversary at Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy!

10 year blog annviersary

The other day I started getting a few messages on LinkedIn from my contacts congratulating me and wishing me a “Happy Work Anniversary.” I thought that was a little odd since I started my current day job in December. So I reached out and asked what exactly they were congratulating me on. “Your blog. Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy,” is what they said. Huh. I know LinkedIn sends reminder messages to users sharing all sorts …

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The Myths About Divorce, Child Support, and Custody

The following is a guest post.   When faced with a legal dispute, we often turn to our friends or colleagues, television or social media for expert advice. However, with a great deal of misinformation flowing freely even in mainstream media, it is difficult to determine if the info is correct. Having the right, and most up-to-date information is the key to achieving the best results in a legal battle. As leading family lawyers in …

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MakeItCount™ at the Gas Pump + $50 Marathon Gift Card Giveaway

Marathon Gas Station MakeItWork

This rewarding post was brought to you by Marathon as part of an online campaign. While I was compensated for writing it, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. I’ve always been a huge fan of reward programs. When I was little, I remember cutting out the little proof of purchase symbols on the packaging of my Star Wars action figures. Once I collected enough, I could mail them in and …

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Sharing Family Photos with My Parents Just Got Simple Thanks to ibi

ibi photos

This post is sponsored by the makers of ibi. I still remember fondly sitting in the living room with my family as my dad pulled out the slide projector and adjusted the screen. Then he’d go through the latest reel of slides from our summer vacation out in Cape Cod. Usually this’d happen when either my cousins were over or family friends were visiting. I guess you could say that was the precursor to someone’s …

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Be Safe and Strike out the Dirty Side of Baseball with Tide PODs

Tide PODs

Disclosure:  “This is a sponsored campaign on behalf of Proctor & Gamble and Tide. All opinions and dirty laundry are mine.” Ah, baseball season. Not only is this spectacular sport a national pastime, it’s also the arch-nemesis of cleanliness! You don’t even need to be playing the sport to get dirty. Don’t believe me? Take my older son Jason to a game and he’ll show you! Yep, every time we go to Yankee Stadium to …

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