There’s a Singing Breast Exam-O-Gram at the Door

October may be Breast Cancer Awareness month, but in theory, it should be every month. Women should be checking themselves out regularly for any sort of abnormal lumps. Need a good visual image to remind you? Then check out this pretty damn funny video from Olde Payphone.

Think Pink: It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Besides being home to Halloween, the 2nd coolest holiday ever (What? It’s tough to beat Arbor Day!), October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month. So before we’re inundated with colorful costumes and tri-colored candy, we first need to think pink. I just love how each year, more and more companies get behind various BCA campaigns, offering pink-colored products whose purchase will result in a donation to various Breast Cancer charities. I’m hoping to spotlight a …

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