Empowering Women Together – Support the Woman in Your Life and Help Support Women Around the World

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart and Walmart Foundation for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mothers just can’t help it. It’s in their genes perhaps. Or passed down silently from generation to generation. They just can’t help but nurture their children.

That’s why Mother’s Day is just a very small way for us kids to show mom (and yes, even you, grandma!), just how very special and appreciated you truly are. And now thanks to Walmart’s Empowering Women Together program, you can buy mom a truly unique Mother’s Day gift, while helping support and empower women-owned businesses.

Both online and in your local Walmart stores, you’ll find all sorts of beautiful and unique products for sale, all made from women-owned businesses around the world. Every purchase from this Store for Good will help lift and empower the wonderful women who made these products.

Since its launch, Empowering Women Together has offered over 200 items from 19 different businesses in nine separate countries. This year, several new women suppliers from the U.S., Peru, Haiti and India are being connected to a whole new group of shoppers at Walmart stores everywhere.

You’ll find a wonderful array of products in the collection touching upon a load of different product categories including jewelry, apparel, accessories, fine foods, home decor and more. What’s really special is that with each product, you’ll actually get to learn a bit about the women artisans behind them.

You’re not just buying a nice gift for someone, you’re buying a future for women around the world looking to lift themselves up out of poverty and into a beautiful life for them and their families.

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Just take a look at some of the lovely items included in this special collection!

Full Circle Exchange 2 Piece Hot and Cold Beverage Set

Allie would love this 2-piece hot and cold beverage set! We have a ton of these type of tumblers around the house, though most are pretty darn boring looking I have to say. The fact that Allie is a huge bird lover makes this set extra special.

Like I said, Allie’s a big fan of birds. She also loves huge mugs when it comes to tea. Sounds like the perfect combination here!

Women’s Bean Project Large Gourmet Basket, 10 pc

We love cooking with beans, especially making all sorts of soups or chilis. How much fun would it be for the kids to give this to Allie for Mother’s Day and then help them actually make some homemade chili? I know they’d never eat it, but they’d probably love pouring all the beans into a huge bowl, soaking them in water (they feel so weird when they’re in there) and then mixing in all the ingredients.

There’s loads more great products available in the Empowering Women Together section. I know my wife has done an unbelievable job raising my two boys. I certainly could never do even half as good a job as she has. She’s kind, incredibly loving and so supportive of them, it’s absolutely no surprise at all that they’re growing up to be such caring and intelligent little men.

I think it’s so great that Walmart’s teaming up with small women businesses around the world for this unique collection. Be sure to search your local Walmart or shop online for the Empowering Women Together collection!

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3 thoughts on “Empowering Women Together – Support the Woman in Your Life and Help Support Women Around the World”

  1. WalMart seems to be stepping up if they are doing a program like this. For many years they kept advertising made in the USA (when most wasnt) and I think when they went that route no one thought they wanted anything but profit. Now that they are giving back to communities and in the case of this program even further they have an opportunity to build thmselves back up.

    Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Very cool idea for Walmart to participate in. I will have to check it out. Also, I love how you give your wife such credit. You sound like an amazing husband. Lucky woman!

  3. This is a great thing that Walmart is doing. I have heard of the womens bean project a few times before. That would be something perfect for my mom to do with her grandkids


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