I Made Art By Gluing a Jigsaw Puzzle Together

I love a good jigsaw puzzle. Was obsessed with them as a kid and am happy to see my kids are following suit.

Next to Family Movie Night, my favorite activity is sitting around a table with Allie and the boys just working on a puzzle. At least it was until I met this bad boy.

jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle and Mario? Two great combinations that practically guarantee they’ll taste great together! Except, geez was this a toughie!

I know, I know. Its only 550 pieces. This USAOpoloy Mario Maker Puzzle should have been a snap. But to be honest, it was a real bear to finish. Even Jason (who may be better than me at puzzles! Shh, don’t tell my wife I said that.) was ready to toss this bad boy out the window at one point.

The tons of yellow was tough for sure, but it’s the combination of the mystery item boxes and the shaded squares that almost broke me. The shadows make it super tough to figure out exactly which piece is which.

jigsaw puzzle

But we stuck with it and as the above photo proves, we finally finished the USAopoly Mario Maker #1 Puzzle! And yes, there was great rejoicing.

Knowing that I would never ever ever ever want to do this jigsaw puzzle again, but also knowing that it does look really really cool… I had an idea. We’d buy some puzzle glue and turn this sucker into a work of art.

jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle glue? Yes, puzzle glue. I grabbed a bottle of Puzzle Glue & Go at my local Barnes & Noble, but you can find it online at stores like Amazon.

What’s neat about this glue is it’s so easy to use, and you spread it on the top of the puzzle. Not the bottom. So no need to turn the puzzle over at all.

There’s a spongy top that you just press down and wipe all over your puzzle. It goes on white and dries completely clear.

jigsaw puzzle

I wasn’t sure how it’d work but as you can see, it held up really well! We just need to buy a frame for it and then hang it in the basement. Now I want to go redo every single one of our puzzles and turn them into works of art.

Do you like jigsaw puzzles?

8 thoughts on “I Made Art By Gluing a Jigsaw Puzzle Together”

  1. I just ordered a 1000 piece puzzle that the picture is snack foods – Little Debbie, Twinkies, etc. It might be fun to mount this when we are done.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Waao, that was a stunning piece of art. My younger daughter too loves puzzles and constantly nags about buying a new one, the moment the finishes her present puzzle. 😀

    Some times our entire family has to sit down with glue sticks to solve her puzzles, in case she gets stuck. So, it feels great seeing how the puzzle unites us and we get a family get together.

    And, yes after completion it can definitely be used as a lovely hanging on the wall. Thank you so much for this great idea. 🙂


  3. My wife and I enjoy puzzles very much. I haven’t ever glued one though. It might be fun to do one just to turn into a work of art and hang it up. It does look like yours was a beast to complete. I think those kinds of puzzles make you feel great when you complete them.

  4. That’s really cool,I myself used to do puzzles when I was growing up brings back lots of memories .we would do them on the dining room table sometimes would take a couple of days.


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