Have a Super Mario Halloween with These Pumpkin Stencils

Mario Pumpkin Stencils

Halloween’s just around the corner. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably gotten a big jump on stocking up on candy. And you’ve also probably eaten half of it by now…

We haven’t gone pumpkin picking yet but hopefully we’ll do that this weekend and then do some carving. It’s just been so warm lately, I’m afraid to do it and have all the pumpkins start rotting.

But after the email I just got from Nintendo (me and Mario are tight, y’know), I want to run out right now and get started. Are there any late-night Pumpkins R Us stores around?

Check it out, you can create your own Nintendo-themed Jack-O-Lanterns using these awesome pumpkin stencils!


Click any image to open in a new tab, then click it again to see it full size. Print, then get to carving!


Bowser Stencil



King Boo Stencil KingBooStencil

Shy Guy Stencil ShyGuy-stencil


I’ll be sure to post photos of our Mari-O-Lanterns once we’re done with them. Assuming the whole thing isn’t a total disaster, that is.

How do you carve up your pumpkins for Halloween?

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