The X-Files of the Wild West, Supernatural Has Possessed Me


The Dukes of Hazzard had its General Lee. Knight Rider, its talking car K.I.T.T. And while it doesn’t leap impossible chasms or talk to its owners, the black ’67 Impala on Supernatural is every bit a main character as brothers Sam and Dean Winchester.

My wife recently started watching Supernatural while exercising, and I jumped in just as she began unearthing season two. A quick rundown of the storyline and I was sucked right in. Like a modern day western, Sam and Dean blow into town on their trusty horse (a.k.a. the intimidating black ’67 Chevy Impala), hunt down the bad guys, kiss the girl and drive off into the sunset.

But obviously, there’s much more than that. So much more.

The real fun of the show is that the overarching backstory is that demons and vampires and werewolves and all that spooky stuff are real. And they’re walking this earth in secret. All those odd urban legends you hear from town to town? They’re true. Seems newspapers like to write them off as oddities, but Sam and Dean are smarter than that. So they travel the country, sniffing out these stories and somehow getting to the bottom of it with their lives still intact.

How’d they get so good at “demon hunting”? Easy. While most boys spend their childhood learning how to toss a baseball with dear ol’ dad, the Winchester Brothers witnessed their own mother’s supernatural death, and were trained in the art of hunting and killing demons by their father. They were also given a pretty special six shooter. One that shoots “magic bullets” capable of killing a demon.

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As brothers go, Sam and Dean couldn’t be more different. Sam’s quiet, responsible attitude is mirrored by Dean’s brash, impulsive party attitude. But like many siblings, these guys love each other dearly and would give their lives for each other. Which they almost end up doing every single episode.

A few cool things I’ve noticed so far about the show that really appeal to the comic book geek in me:

  • Ben Edlund – SPOON! The creator of the hilariously awesome comic book character The Tick is an executive producer of the show!
  • Maggie from The Walking Dead – Actress Lauren Cohan from the zombie-filled Walking Dead plays the gorgeous, conniving thief Bela Talbot
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan – There’s nothing funny about Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan on The Walking Dead but to me will always be The Comedian from The Watchmen movie

We’re only on the third season right now, with plenty more to go. Netflix has 12 full seasons on it alone! So if you like to binge watch, you better stock up on popcorn, because there’s loads of Supernatural to digest!

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7 thoughts on “The X-Files of the Wild West, Supernatural Has Possessed Me”

  1. Ohh! I’ve heard of this show but never really understood what it’s about! It sounds really good! I’m going to have to start this, I’ve been looking for a new show to watch!

  2. I tried getting into this show a few years back but couldn’t. Then, when I was watching The Walking Dead, I realized one of the main characters is Jeffery Dean Morgan aka Negan’s son. So I gave it another go, and I really am glad I did! Now, I am hooked, and I have so many seasons to catch up to that I’m not even upset yet that it’s over. Because to me, it’s just beginning!

  3. No one is more excited to go back to the old west than Dean, who has a very specific vision of what it was like being a cowboy. However, as much as you may fantasize about the sexy saloon girls in their frilly, French corsets, the reality of the situation is a lot less pleasant and might be the scariest thing Dean has ever faced.

  4. OK Maggie and Neagan are in it? I dont know when WD returns, bu that might mean something! I like both character a whole lot, even evil Neagan.
    I might have to look into this one, we have been toying around with doing the Netflix thing. It sounds good.

  5. I watch a lot of Netflix but haven’t seen this show yet. Sounds like something I would like . I am a big fan of Lauren Cohan and of course who doesn’t love to hate Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan.


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