I Want to Get Married Again So I Can Register at Best Buy


Before I got married, I had barely even heard of having a wedding registry. At first, I thought it was a bit rude having someone tell me what I should buy them. Maybe I don’t even want to get them a gift, and here they are telling me exactly what type of gravy boat they want and how many dish towels I need to get them. I quickly learned that a wedding registry is actually …

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7 Perfect Places for Dad to Use a Drone

Father’s Day is coming up and you know what that means. Yeah, loads of sales on ties and socks. Yawn. If you really want to impress dear ol’ dad (hint hint), appeal to his geeky gadget side and get him a drone! No, not a mindless employee that’ll follow his every command. I’m talking about one of those crazy-cool, futuristic flying machines that lets you take photos and videos from high up in the sky! …

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The Inspector Gadget of Vacuums, the Dyson DC65 is Now Available at Best Buy

DC65 Dyson turning

We don’t have a dog. Not yet, anyways. But it is most definitely on our list, we’re just waiting for the right time. My wife and I are huge animal lovers, something our youngest son Ryan has definitely inherited. Jason, on the other hand, runs the opposite extreme. He used to be downright petrified of dogs for some reason, but over the years has warmed to the level of just annoyance. So thanks to a …

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