Scars R Sexy Designer Clothing Giveaway (Ends 11/24)

I’ve already told you about my friend Amy’s inspiring movement Scars R Sexy. She’s one tough broad to put it mildly, having gone through a tremendous amount of physical and mental scarring throughout her entire life. She’s since started her own fashion company, Rock Scar Love, to help others heal the scars they’ve earned over time. Instead of trying to hide or forget them, Amy chooses to find strength in them. What’s more, she wants all …

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Rock Scar Love

Some scars live on the surface. Others run real deep. And while some people think their scars are just plain ugly, Amy Tippins is out to prove that scars are anything but. In fact, she thinks they’re downright sexy. No this isn’t a “painful” post about a dominatrix or even Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s about believing in yourself and letting your experiences strengthen your resolve, rather than crush them. I recently got to know …

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