Blog Spotlight: Jana from Merlot Mommy

Blog Spotlight Jana

Blogger: Jana Blog Name: Merlot Mommy How did you get started blogging? I started out blogging about crafts and wine. Years ago I thought it would be fun to document step-by-step crafts and card making. I gave that up really quickly when I realized that was kind of boring. But I do still talk about wine. Clearly […]

Blog Spotlight: Penelope from Penelope’s Oasis

Blog Spotlight

Blogger: Penelope Blog Name: Penelope’s Oasis Penelope Guzman was one of the first bloggers I ever had the privilege of meeting in person. She’s one of two of the most influential bloggers in my life and has taught me so very much about how to turn blogging into a serious career, without sacrificing the actual content that […]

Blog Spotlight: Tara from Trippin With Tara

Tara in Ireland. (Lucky gal!)

Blogger: Tara Blog Name: Trippin’ With Tara I first met Tara on the Muppets Most Wanted Event a few years back. Since then, I’ve seen her at various blogging conferences and events and always get a warm greeting from her. I’m constantly amazed and impressed at how professional Tara is, yet it clearly shows that she’s having […]

Blog Spotlight: Mitch from Gay NYC Dad


Blogger: Mitch Blog Name: Gay NYC Dad Mitch was the first Dad Blogger I’ve ever met in real life, when we both had the privilege of interviewing Kristen Bell during a Disney Frozen Event. It’s there that I found out Mitch has the same corny sense of humor that I do, and just loves being a fun, helpful […]

Blog Spotlight: Kenda from Remaking June Cleaver

Blog Spotlight

Blogger: Kenda Blog Name: Remaking June Cleaver While I have never met Kenda in person, she’s tops on my list of “Bloggers to Meet.” She may have a few bad habits (lover of horror movies, Patriots fan, etc.), but I honestly consider her a friend and truly value her input. In fact, she is the only other blogger […]

Blog Spotlight: Meet Leah from Diaries of a Domestic Goddess

Blog Spotlight

Blogger: Leah Blog Name: Diaries of a Domestic Goddess How did you get started blogging? When my daughter was about a year and a half old, a friend of mine told me that I should start a blog with random tips because anytime she has a question or something, she’d ask me and I always had a solution. […]

Blog Spotlight: Kiersten from Oh My Veggies


Meet Kiersten from Oh My Veggies  Blogger: Kiersten Blog Name: Oh My Veggies How’d you get started blogging? After I finished grad school, I was doing a lot of consulting work, which tends to be pretty feast or famine. During one of the famine times, I took up blogging because I had been wanting to start […]

Blog Spotlight: Marybeth from Baby Savers

marybeth hamilton headshot

Meet Marybeth from Baby Savers Blogger: MarybethBlog Name: Baby Savers You blog about freebies, coupons, babies, giveaways and more. How’d you get started and why cover so many topics? I started blogging in 2008. I had been reading “deal blogs” and deal forums for a long time, and I had just had my first baby. I’m naturally a bargain-shopper, […]

Blog Spotlight: Eliza from The Life of a Home Mom

mothersday 018

Meet Eliza from The Life of a Home Mom Blogger: Eliza Blog Name: The Life of a Home Mom Why do you blog? I started blogging as a way of keeping my husband informed of life back home when he was over in Iraq. I was blogging about life, things I bought and loved and of […]

Blog Spotlight: Audrey from Barking Mad

Audrey Holden from Barking Mad

Meet Audrey from Barking Mad Blogger: Audrey Blog Name: Barking Mad, Magnificently Flawed What are you barking mad about? “Barking Mad” is a British euphemism for insanity or craziness. My husband is British and I had lived over in the UK before and after we were married. I’d hear the phrase during the course of […]

Blog Spotlight: Dianna from Oy Vey a Day

Lieberman Family-2013

Meet Dianna from Oy Vey a Day! Blogger: Dianna Blog Name: Oy Vey a Day How’d your blog get its name? Oy vey: a Yiddish phrase of exasperation or consternation. From the phrase, “oy vey iz mir,” meaning “oh woe is me.”  As the mom of a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, I have at least one “oy vey” […]

Blogger Spotlight: Sheila from Sheilacakes

Sheila from Sheilacakes

Sheila’s always been a huge supporter of me and Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. I can’t even remember when I first became aware of her blog, Sheilacakes, but I definitely remember replying to her Twitter account and finding myself laughing uncontrollably. Online, she’s outspoken, a riot, and a sweetheart to boot. In person, well, I’ve […]

Blog Spotlight: Karen Eidson from FabGrandma


Meet Karen Eidson from FabGrandma  Blogger: Karen Eidson Blog Name: How’d you get started blogging? I got started blogging because my son, who is in the Air Force, was stationed in England and met his wife over there. I wanted to have a way for my new daughter-in-law to “meet” our family and get to […]

Blog Spotlight: Neal from Raised By My Daughter

Neal Call

Meet Neal from Raised By My Daughter Blogger: Neal Call Blog: Raised By My Daughter   How’d your blog get its name?  It came to me in a dream. Also, when I had a kid, I realized that I was going to have to let a lot of my juvenile inclinations and excuses go. Have I let […]

Blog Spotlight: Erin from The Mom Buzz

Erin Taylor

I was first stung by Erin‘s blog The Mom Buzz when I happened to catch one of her tweets about a Zombie Run. That led me to her blog where I learned she was training for her first 5K, which would involve avoiding a pack of flesh-eating zombies. Not your typical post from a mommy […]

Blog Spotlight: Carrie from Carrie Elle


Meet Carrie from Carrie Elle Blogger: Carrie Blog: Carrie Elle Why do you blog? I love to write, and I love to create.  When I was younger, I poured my heart out into journals (with a pen, and paper…old school style).  This is just an extension of that.  For me, blogging is both an outlet, and a […]

Blog Spotlight: Carter from DadScribe

Carter from DadScribe

Meet Carter from DadScribes Blogger: Carter Blog: DadScribe How’d your blog get its name? When I started playing online poker (for fun; never for real money), my handle was RayScribe. When my wife took over administration of the parenting blog for the newspaper where we both once worked, she took the Twitter handle @MomScribe. So, I toyed […]

Blog Spotlight: Nina from Nina Says

Nina Say

 Meet Nina from Nina Says Blogger: Nina Say Blog: Nina Says How’d your blog get its name? My blog was originally named “The One Fantastical” and after two and a half years of blogging I felt it was not relevant or descriptive of my blog or what my mission was. In mid 2012, I changed […]

Blog Spotlight: Meet Drew from

Drew from Ben Spark

I have never met Drew Bennett in person. We had a few opportunities at various conferences but never could quite get the timing down. I have a feeling we’d hit it off pretty well. We not only share the same first name, but so do our wives. (No, our wives are not called Andrew. They’re […]

Blog Spotlight: Alison from Being Alison

Alison Wright

Alison (that’d be the star of Being Alison)  is one of the happiest, most smiling-est bloggers I’ve gotten to know over the past year. She is the poster child for the helpful blogger. Whether it’s a simple question about blogging, a technical snafu you’re completely clueless about, or help spreading the word, Alison is your […]