10 Scary Netflix Shows I Need to Binge Right Now

#StreamTeam scary Netflix shows

Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays of the year. No offense, Arbor Day.

Now I’m not one to love horror movies. I actually don’t really even like them. I am, however, slowly changing my tune over time. Sure I can enjoy a good Nightmare on Elm Street flick but it’s the supernatural dream stuff that intrigues me, not the blood, gore and scares.

I do love a good horror comedy (horredy?) like the Evil Dead series and even Scream. But straight-up slasher or torture films don’t do it for me one bit.

These days, though, my 12-year-old son Ryan is really interested in seeing some horror movies. So I’m probably going to cave soon and start watching a few with him. To get me warmed up for that though (after all, I don’t want to scare the kid by being scared myself when we start watching horror flicks together), I scoured my handy dandy Netflix for a variety of horror-themed movies and TV shows.

Time to grab the popcorn, turn off the lights and start binging. On second thought, can we leave the lights on?

10 Scary Netflix Shows I Need to Binge Right Now

Gerald’s Game

Based on the Stephen King novel, I’m definitely intrigued to see this one! I had started reading it years ago when the novel came out but got bored too quickly to finish. I’ve heard this made-for-Netflix movie is spooky good, so I’m in! It’s just your typical romance of guy and girl trying to spice up their relationship, so he handcuffs her to the bed and then proceeds to have a heart attack and die. Oops.

StreamTeam Scary Netflix Shows

The Babysitter

This one’ll make you think twice about hiring a babysitter, especially if she’s a hot blonde who turns out to be part of a satanic cult doing some not-so-nice things right in front of your spying kid. This one reminds me of those old USA Up-All-Night classics or something that Elvira might be hosting on a Friday night. Did I mention this movie’s directed by McG, the guy behind crazy, over-the-top action series like Chuck and Supernatural?

Cult of Chucky

I’ve never seen a single Chucky movie but I was scared to death by a character actor dressed as Chucky at the Universal Studious Halloween Haunted House a few years back. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed and laughed so hard before in my life. I’m up for some possessed doll killings I guess.

Children of the Corn

Another Stephen King adaptation, this film’s from 1984 and features a bunch of oddly possessed kids murdering all of a small town’s adults. It also stars Linda Hamilton from The Terminator, so I’m real curious to see if she can fare as well against these kids as she did against human-killing machines from the future.

#StreamTeam scary Netflix shows


Black Mirror

I’ve only seen about two episodes of this… well, disturbing show. It’s kind of like a modern-day Twilight Zone meets Tales From the Darkside, all with a social media/modern technology input. It definitely seems like one of those scary Netflix shows that’ll keep me up at night.

Bates Motel

Nothing like a prequel to the crazy scary Psycho movie to get your blood flowing. Just know that I probably won’t be able to shower for weeks, or make that months, after viewing this series.


Based on the horror-filled book series by R.L. Stine, this movie looks a lot more my speed courtesy of its kid-minded horror theme and the fact that it stars Jack Black.

American Horror Story

I know nothing about this popular modern TV series except that it features a crazy haunted house and Lady Gaga’s been on it. When new episodes air, though, it’s all the buzz at the office so I guess it’s high time I find out what all the crazy is about.

#StreamTeam scary Netflix shows

The Hulk Monsters Unleashed

Okay, so it’s a cartoon. And I doubt it’s even close to one of the most terrifying of scary Netflix shows. But it’s full of monsters and after some of the other spookerific tales on this list, I probably can use a little calming before the storm. Speaking of storms…


I readily admit, I have not seen this stellar Tori Spelling Tara Reid and Ian Ziering vehicle that combines two of nature’s most deadly weapons (sharks and tornadoes) into one giant Sharknado! With a few sequels under its belt (I can’t wait for “Sharknado in Space!”), I’m real curious to see if this one really bites or not.

What are some of your favorite scary Netflix shows?



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