5 Things I Hate About Flying


I travel a fair amount for work each year. I’m regularly hopping on a plane from Newark, NJ to places like Scottsdale, Arizona. Seattle, Washington.  Orlando, Florida. Chicago, Illinois. Even out of the country to areas like Toronto or England.

I enjoy flying. I’ve never been afraid of it and I actually enjoy the time it gives me to catch up on reading or even writing. For example, I’m currently writing this very blog post some 39,000 feet in the air on a flight home from Santa Barbara, California. (Props to United Airlines for having WiFi that works!)

No, I don’t hate flying at all. What I do hate, however, are passengers.

People in general can be pretty awful all around (not my readers, of course!), but for some reason, humans turn into extra-annoying creatures when they’re placed in a flying metal sardine can.

“What’s so bad about people who fly?” you say. I’m glad you asked because I made a list!

5 Things I Hate About Flying

I Hate Flying With People Who… Can’t Wait to Board

Hate Flying Gates

Boarding may start at 3:15pm, so why do tons of people crowd in “line” (I used that word loosely, as they just sort of create a large mosh pit at the gate) at 3pm or earlier? You have your assigned seats, people. There’s no need to rush to your tiny cramped seat that’s already waiting for you.

I Hate Flying With People Who… Totally Know Their Bag Won’t Fit in the Overhead

Seriously, what goes through people’s heads? There’s a little metal basket at the gate to check the size of your baggage before entering the plane. Are people thinking, “My clearly oversized and overstuffed carry-on surely will fit in the overhead compartments.” No, airplanes are not like a TARDIS from Doctor Who. They aren’t bigger on the inside. By bringing your way-too-big bad onboard, you create the next pet peeve of mine on this list…

I Hate Flying With People Who… Block the Aisles When Boarding!

Hate Flying Crowds

What I do hate about flying actually is the waiting. The time you wait boarding the plane, as well as leaving the plane. The biggest delay? Yeah, all those people with carry-on bags trying to find room for their bag. You know, the kind who block the entire aisle as they stand there and try to smoosh everyone else’s bags so they can squeeze in their obviously too-big one. Maybe if airlines stopped charging $25 to check a bag, we’d have less people carrying on, and could cut boarding times in half.

I Hate Flying With People Who… Have Small Bladders and Window Seats

On long flights it’s understandable when someone needs to get up and use the bathroom. We all do it. But if you have the window seat and get up once or twice every hour, that’s a bit of a nightmare. If your bladder’s the size of a walnut, please do everyone a favor and make sure you have an aisle seat.

I Hate Flying With People Who… Recline Their Seat When I’m Trying to Work

Flying Laptop Hate

In the middle of me actually typing this post, the woman in front of me reclined her seat. I know you want to relax, but I’m working here, lady! Now I’m typing this with my laptop on my lap, the lid half closed and me bent at a really peculiar angle to see the screen. Apologiez for all tzhe typose.

Of course, these 5 things are just the tip of the flying iceberg. It’s note even counting the heavy drinkers, loud talkers and armrest hoggers. There are just so many little annoyances on an airplane that get exacerbated exponentially the longer your flight time. I wonder how those Star Trek teleporters are coming along these days…

What do you hate about flying?

17 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Flying”

  1. I hate so many of the same things and dread flying. It never fails that the person in front of me always reclines their seat and I end up with about a inch of leg room.The couple of times I have politely asked the person if they could push their seat up a little I got a evil glare from them which scared me to death.

  2. I have never flown- not even once. I used to want to in the worst of ways, but since the Homeland Security and the lines and mess, no thank you. It used to be an experience. I will likely never fly anywhere. It doesnt even look fun anymore.

  3. I haven’t been on an airplane since it has gotten really horrible. I’m dreading the entire experience and it would be nice if you could be put to sleep like when you’re having surgery and wake up when it is over!

  4. I think I hate all of the same things as you. I just can’t stand when people are in their own little worlds and don’t think about others when it comes to simple things.

  5. I hate these too, but my biggest pet peeves have been the delays seem to be more regular and longer lately. I also hate parents who don’t even try when their kids get too loud. Oh and I hate when my luggage gets lost.

  6. I’m flying next week and have experienced all the above also. I just try to take it in stride. I can’t control other people’s behaviors just my own.

  7. I’m not a big fan of planes and the tiny spaces. The last time I flew was when I was a kid, so I’m sure it would be much worse for me now.

  8. The lack of leg room is the worst for me. I also hate it when someone puts their seat back and I’m staring at the top of some bald man’s head. Thanks for posting!

  9. I have only flown once to Newark from Orlando and back so obviously I don’t like heights or airplanes period. Everything you mentioned would really get on my nerves. LOL at the photo of you trying to work..hahaha How could you even see ?

  10. Planes shold board from back to front, eliminated the long boarding process. My pet peeve is kids kicking the back of my sest. On my last (5hour) flight, there was a family of 6. 2 parents and littlest kid in one row, 3 kids under 12 next to them in the row behind me. Well both parents decide they should take a nap during over half the flight. Kid behind me starts kicking my seat. I ignore it for 30 minutes, then nicely ask her to stop and get a mean glare in return. 20 minutes later, she starts again so I turn my head again. The little snot did it on and off the entire time, until her dad woke up. And then they were all super loud the rest of the flight. It was a nightmare and I feel sorry for anyone who ever has to fly with that family again.

  11. Great post & I agree on (almost) all of them. I just wanted to chime in about people standing, waiting to board. I do that. Yes, my seat is reserved, but my overhead space isn’t. Thanks to people ignoring the carry-on size/count limits, being in the back of the line severely increases your risk of having to check something at the gate (or put your bag 4 rows away because, for some weird reason, the 3 people ahead of you decided they liked your overhead space more than their own).

    • Thanks, Kenda! And yes, the waiting to board is tied into the carry-on pet peeves of mine, so it’s just yet another annoying side effect. And I never understood why there isn’t enough overhead space. Maybe they should start limiting the number of carry-on bags so everyone can have a fair share!


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