You’ll Never Guess What I Put in My Iced Tea for a Healthy Snack

#SnackBrighter Healthy Snack

I’m a snacks guy for sure. Chips, pretzels, crackers, you get the idea. If it’s crunchy and there’s salt, I’m all over it. I know, those really aren’t what you’d call healthy snack ideas.

But I’ve been making slight changes over the year. Months ago I stopped drinking soda cold turkey. Now it’s just water and unsweetened iced tea. As for the snacks, well considering the crazy sweltering sticky humid days we’ve had all summer, to say I crave a refreshing cool snack is an understatement.

Thankfully, the freezer section of my local supermarket (Find the closest store here) shone a spotlight on the perfect answer: Outshine Fruit Bars!

#SnackBrighter Healthy Snack Strawberry Box

I’m a parent, so of course I’m curious about what’s in the food I give my kids too. I was real happy to see that Outshine Fruit Bars are made with real fruit and contain no GMOs. They’re also fat free and Gluten free, feature no high-fructose corn syrup and clock in at just 60 calories. That is definitely a snack I can sink my teeth into.

#SnackBrighter Healthy Snack Strawberry flavor

I grabbed a box of the Strawberry Outshine Fruit Bars because, well, strawberry ice cream is always the most refreshing flavor when I’m super hot and want to just cool down.

Okay, so Outshine Fruit Bars are definitely a healthy snack alternative. But none of that really matters if they taste like feet, right? Well, unless you’re one of those weirdos that actually enjoy the taste of feet.

I’ll tell you one thing, the second I unwrapped my first Strawberry Fruit Bar, it hit me. The sweet smell of fresh strawberries. My mind could almost transport me to a grassy field where I could pick fresh strawberries under a hot sun. Which is funny, because I’ve never picked a strawberry in my life before. But that’s how strong the visual was!

As for the taste, Outshine Fruit Bars get a ginormous thumbs up from me. They taste like real strawberries in a refreshingly cool fruit bar delivery system. Yep, I apparently found my an answer to my quest for healthy frozen snacks. But then, well… then I had an idea.

#SnackBrighter Healthy Snack Iced Tea

I was thirsty and was about to pour a glass of unsweetened iced tea when it hit me. Instead of ice… why not try using an Outshine Fruit Bar instead? So I did.

The results were nothing short of magical!

#SnackBrighter Healthy Snack Iced Tea glass

Not only did the Strawberry Fruit Bar keep my drink ice cold, but it gave it a little hint of strawberry flavor. As I continued drinking, I’ll admit I stole a few licks here and there.

#SnackBrighter Healthy Snack Fruit Bar

Even better, as time went on, the Outshine Fruit Bar began to melt, adding even more sweet strawberry taste to my iced tea. By the time I was at the bottom of the glass, I was left with just a stick and the most delicious iced tea you could imagine. Definitely refreshing to say the least!

It seems I’ve found my perfect healthy snack idea and the way this summer is ending, I think I’ll be able to keep enjoying these refreshing Outshine Fruit Bars in the heat for quite some time. Of course, just because the weather will cool down, doesn’t mean my enjoyment of these will. They’re still great for a healthy snack anytime like after dinner or especially after a good workout at the gym or on the treadmill in the basement.

#SnackBrighter Healthy Snack

Outshine Fruit Bars come in 11 different flavors including:

  • Creamy Coconut
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Peach
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Tangerine

Of course there are also Outshine Simply Yogurt Bars which I’m definitely going to try next time I’m out shopping! Learn more about the Outshine Story and be sure to check out the Outshine Instagram page for some amazingly colorful photos.

#SnackBrighter Healthy Snack Outshine Instagram

Click Here to find Outshine Fruit Bars and Outshine Simply Yogurt Bars at a supermarket near you

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  1. Seen these but never tried them. I have only seen a few flavors, wish I could find pineapple ones in my store. Thanks for the article

  2. I’ve seen these in the stores but not tried them. Thanks for the thorough review, I wouldn’t probably put them in my drink but to each their own. The coconut flavor sounds really good.

  3. I like all the outstanding flavors that these bars have! Adding one to your iced tea was a great idea. Plain iced tea is very …. plain!


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