The McDonald’s Surf + Turf Should Truly Disgust You

McDonald's Surf n Turf

So McDonald’s has a new menu hacks section on its app. With it, you can order super secret, off-menu items like the Surf + Turf, the Crunchy Double, a Hash Brown McMuffin, and the Land, Air & Sea. Clearly I had to accept the challenge of trying at least one of them. I love me a good weird food combo. Pretzels and cream cheese on white bread? Yes, please. Pizza and pineapple? Yep, I’m on …

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Avocado and Chicken Sushi Rolls

avocado chicken sushi

Sushi is easily one of my favorite food groups. While I love a straight-up salmon or tuna roll, the crazier the ingredients, the better. Dragon rolls. American Dream. Scorpion roll. I’ll try just about anything and have. Except, that is, for chicken sushi. No, I’m not suddenly craving raw chicken or starting a some new fad diet. But if you can put cooked shrimp in a maki roll (tempura shrimp rolls are just too amazing), …

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Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets Top My Valentine’s Day Gifts List

Beef Jerky Flowers

This post contains affiliate links. Flowers and chocolates, beware. Your days are numbered. No longer will these forever favorites top the Best Valentine’s Day gift lists. Instead, it’s time to meet the newest gift that says, “I love you” more than any other gift ever could. Or rather, it’s time to meat… Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets. Yes, these unique gifts are as delicious to the eye as they are to the stomach. I absolutely loved …

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Healthy Dog Food Delivered Straight to Your Doggy Door

Ace on the deck

The following post contains affiliate links. We’ve had our puppy Ace for exactly three months now. This little guy somehow gets cuter by the day and more and more lovable. At 5 months old, he’s already a big part of the family. When it comes to feeding Ace, the little guy is a wonder. Yes, he’s picky with his dog food like most dogs probably are, but we’ve discovered he loves a lot of people …

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Ice Just Got Cool – Plus a Tovolo Ice Molds Giveaway ($85 value)

ice molds

The following is a sponsored post about Tovolo’s Craft Ice Molds. Let me start by saying I’m not a heavy drinker. I certainly enjoy an ice-cold beer while watching the Steelers play on a Sunday afternoon. But when it comes to cocktails, I used to only go for the basics like a screwdriver or whiskey sour. Then I met my friend Rob. We worked together and he was a huge scotch drinker. I tried it …

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