A Guy’s Guide to Clothes Shopping


Guy shopping

Men aren’t typically known for their shopping prowess, and I’m no different. When it comes to shopping for new tech or comic books I’m a master of the internet, but when it comes to clothes and things for the kids, it all becomes a bit of a blur.

That’s why I’ve put together this brief guide to shopping, for guys! It’s my top three tips on how to be a slightly savvier shopper, no matter what you need. Let me know your thoughts!

Look out for outlet malls

This has been my favourite discovery of the internet when it comes to clothes shopping – outlet malls, in person and online! These are the places where you can get yourself the best bargains. There are tons of outlet stores that are designer brands; they will send end of lines to them to sell off, and that’s where you get great quality clothing but for awesome prices.

Plus, they give you great ideas for the rest of the family too; do a search in your local area, and you could find that there are kids stores where you can get them some much needed summer clothing for your next break away, or a tonne of winter wear on sale.

Make a note of brands that work

Don’t you find it irritating when you go to a store, try on different items of clothing, and you’re one size in trousers, another in jeans and you’re nowhere near what you thought you were for sweaters?

The size difference between brands can vary hugely, so if there are a few brands in particular that you really like, once you’ve ordered a few things from them online and you know the sizes that fit, make a mental note of them. Whenever the sales periods hit and you have to move quickly to get the sizes you need, you can order (most of the time) online without wondering whether or not the size will fit – you already know! It will save you time and money.

Always search for multi-buys

Have you come across this term before? It’s the equivalent in clothes to when you visit a Costco and buy things you use a lot of in bulk, or when you’re on an ecommerce site and they ask you if you’d consider purchasing another item for a discount. Multi-buying is a fantastic way of getting multiple clothing items that you really need for a reduced price, and since I found out about them, I keep returning to the same sites to take full advantage of it.

Whenever I need to buy some good quality, Union Blue jeans for example, I know that I can go to the Jacamo website, select the size I know is going to fit, and get two pairs with 20% off in the process!

Do you have any other ideas for my shopper’s guide? I’m always on the lookout for tips, so do let me know in the comments section if you have any ideas…


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